'19 Kids and Counting' Michelle Duggar Tells All: Her First Date with Jim Bob

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Question from a "19 Kids and Counting" fan on Facebook: Could you tell us about your first date with Jim Bob? How did you meet?

At the time we were both in high school, although he went to a different school than me. I was working at the yogurt shop where Jim Bob's mother was the manager and Jim Bob came in and asked me if I would go to the junior/senior banquet with him. He was a year older, so he was graduating that year. My friend that worked with me knew him and said he was a really sweet guy. So I took her word for it -- but I really didn't know who this guy was! Anyway, I agreed.

On the evening of the banquet, he arrived at my parents' home to pick me up. And we went, and I just remember being very embarrassed because I didn't know him at all. We were sitting there trying to eat food and I couldn't eat, and he didn't eat. After that, we went back to my parents' home and sat in the living room for 
four hours and talked about the scripture. It was so amazing. He opened up the Bible and was just sharing so much wonderful information with me. And after he left, I stood in the doorway, and I just prayed, "Father, I have never met a man like this before. If this isn't the one you have for me, I can't imagine anything better. "

He was the most polite, well-mannered, kind, gentle young man I'd ever met. I had met a lot of guys going to public high school and so many of them were so cocky and proud. They never opened the door, and didn't have an idea of what polite manners were. Jim Bob just did all of those things and more. I was so thrilled.

That's what I remember of our first date, and I just knew right then that first evening after he left my home. I thought wow, this guy is different. I never met anyone like him. He didn't even have any inkling of trying anything inappropriate with me at all. He was the most amazing gentleman I'd ever met and had such a heart for God. And I fell in love with him on that first date.

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