2 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

By James.B

I pictured a handsome man sweeping in to pick me up and make me whole. I guess I have Disney to blame for that - LOL! Obviously, that fairy tale was exactly that - a fairy tale. Marriage can be difficult, and there are times when I have struggled to even like my spouse.

I want to have a better marriage. Here are two things I have learned that have helped and can improve your marriage:

1. Only God can complete you.

The idea of someone coming in, sweeping you off your feet and completing your life is absurd. But, that is exactly what I thought was going to happen when I got married. I put my identity in my marriage and my spouse. Any time our marriage didn't go the way I thought it should - or any time my spouse disappointed me - I personally felt like a failure.

In other words, I was totally co-dependent. That way of thinking is so wrong.

When I thought of my husband as the means to my happiness, anything he did "wrong" upset the crap out of me because he wasn't fulfilling his "purpose."

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