2017 Crusade Lineup Spans the Globe

By James.B

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is taking on a packed Crusade schedule for 2017.

Calling the Gospel, "the most important message ever told to lost souls far and near," Franklin Graham spent much of 2016 sharing the hope of Christ with hundreds of thousands of people during the 50-state Decision America Tour.

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Next year, Franklin will share the Good News at several Festivals around the world, and at smaller events across Tennessee and Texas.

2017 International Festivals with Franklin Graham

San Juan, Puerto Rico (February 10-12) - With 1,200 churches involved in the event, "There's a tremendous sense of excitement," said Rev. Viktor Hamm, vice president of Crusade ministries for BGEA. The Festival will be held at the same stadium where Billy Graham preached in 1995 at BGEA's Global Mission Crusade.

Myanmar churches are praising God for the tremendous response to the Yangon Love Joy Peace Festival with Franklin Graham. More than 170,000 people attended the 3-day event, with over 7,600 indicating decisions for Christ.Will you pray and consider a year-end gift to reach people around the world next year with the power of the Gospel?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (March 3-5) - An ethnically diverse city with mosques and temples, Vancouver's religious culture is influenced by immigrants from China and India, among other countries. Next March, Franklin Graham will bring the hope of Jesus Christ to this city, which found itself in the global spotlight during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Oslo, Norway (November 11-12) - "Norway churches are coming together for this Festival," said Rev. Hamm-who noted how the Norwegian churches united during Will Graham's five-city rally throughout the country in June 2016.

2017 U.S. Festivals with Franklin Graham

Closer to home, Franklin Graham has said he feels led to change course from the traditional Crusade model.

rn1_2202-960x640-fg-image-for-crusades-storyFranklin Graham sharing the Good News in Myanmar through an interpreter.

While sharing the Gospel with people in all 50 state capitals this year, Franklin said he sensed God calling him to reach even more people throughout the U.S.

"I have a burden on my heart to share the Gospel in smaller cities in America that may never have the opportunity to host a large-scale Crusade," Franklin told BGEA supporters earlier this year.

Instead of holding multi-evening events in a large city, Franklin Graham will lead more frequent, one-night Festivals in smaller cities. All events will be held outdoors and will feature a time of live music and worship followed by a brief Gospel message.

The locations-all in Tennessee and Texas-are listed below:


Chattanooga, Tenn. - May 15

Murfreesboro, Tenn. - May 17

Jackson, Tenn. - May 19

Memphis, Tenn. - May 21

Texas-late September through mid-October (dates forthcoming)

East Texas (Longview/Tyler)

Central Texas (Waco, Killeen)

Panhandle (Lubbock)

West Texas (Midland/Odessa)

Hill Country (North Austin/Georgetown/Round Rock)

Coastal Texas (Corpus Christi)

South Texas (San Antonio)

New believers at these rallies will be able to indicate their decisions for Christ using their cell phones, a technique successfully used during this year's Decision America Tour.

Lawrence Swicegood, director of the Decision America Tour, says the internet will drive much of the follow-up process. "We want to see everyone go through a discipleship process ... and we're using technology to help us in that. As Christ used the modern technology of his day and the many tools, so will we."

Trained counselors will be present at the Festivals for anyone who wants to talk about their decision to follow Christ-or pray.

As for holding additional, smaller U.S. Festivals in the future, Franklin Graham told supporters, "As God enables, I want to do the same in a number of additional states the following year."

img_6817edit-crusade-crowdFestivals and Celebrations draw people of all ages-young and old-to hear Christian music and also how much God loves them.

Will Graham and Associate Evangelists

BGEA associate evangelist Will Graham is slated to lead four Celebrations next year. He plans to share the Gospel in Pachuca, Mexico, March 31-April 2; Dothan, Alabama, May 5-7; Fort Wayne, Indiana, Oct. 6-8; and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Canada), Nov. 4-5.

BGEA associate evangelist Robert Cunville will hold 11 Festivals and six one-day evangelistic outreaches in India. BGEA associate evangelist David Ruiz is planning to lead two Crusade events in Mexico.

Time Is Short

Reaching the world with the Gospel is at the heart of BGEA's mission, and Franklin Graham recently told supporters he believes time is short.

"There are only two destinations for a person's soul-Heaven or Hell. I feel an urgency to share the Good News with as many as possible before God's clock runs out."

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