4-Y-O Child Starts Sex Change Before Kindergarten in Australia

By James.B

A 4-year-old child in Australia has begun the process of having a sex change with financial assistance from the New South Wales Department of Education even though the child hasn't yet started kindergarten. Many critics are warning the government that the child is too young to make such consequential life decisions.

According to the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the NSW Department of Education has revealed that the child is the youngest person in the country to be in the process of transitioning genders for eventual gender reassignment.

Although the child has yet to even begin first day at kindergarten, the NSW education department will assist the child and the family by using funds from the the department's Safe School program.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the case of the 4-year-old came to light during a hearing on state government budget estimates, which focused on the Safe Schools program.

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