5 Ways to Share Your Faith This Easter

By James.B

It's always a good time to share the hope of Jesus with a lost and hurting world, but the Easter season can present some especially good opportunities.

Here are five quick ways to give someone the gift of Jesus Christ this Easter, or at least begin a conversation that could be life changing.


Share this new Easter page with someone who doesn't know Jesus:
What does Easter have to do with you?
This simple, evangelistic page explains the meaning of Easter and invites the reader to make a decision for Christ or ask more questions.


Post a graphic on your social media pages for your friends to see.
This custom-designed graphic and quote from Billy Graham is meant to get people thinking about God.
Share it on Facebook now, or download it.


Give someone a My Hope with Billy Graham video.
The powerful, 30-minute videos Heaven and The Cross each feature a Gospel message from Billy Graham, paired with real-life stories of celebrities and ordinary people who allowed Jesus to change their lives.
Share a link to watch online or order a free DVD to give out.


Read and share one of Billy Graham's 5 short "My Answers" about Easter.
Why is it called "Good Friday"?
Why did Jesus allow Himself to be arrested and killed?
Are you still a Christian if you only go to church around Easter?
Billy Graham answers these questions and more.


Ask someone to come to church with you on Easter Sunday, and tell them about your faith.
Need help sharing the Gospel? Learn to tell your story in three minutes or less by writing out answers to these questions:

1. What was your life like before Christ? (about 100 words)
2. How did you hear about Christ? Who told you? What did you hear? How did you respond? (about 300 words)
3. What is your life like now that you have Christ? (about 100 words)

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