A Dangerous Fairytale for Future Wives

By James.B


As little girls we might have pretended to be a damsel in distress - held hostage by a fire-breathing dragon, and saved by a knight in shining armor. We grow out of pretending, but as women we still tend to gravitate towards romantic books and movies. 

The thing we love most about a fairytale romance is the happy ending. No matter what the ups and downs, the guy and girl always make it in the end and achieve romantic bliss. It's so neat and clean, and perfect. Yet, the romance books and movies are just pretend. They deliver us a modern fairytale: the American Dream that comes with a successful career, two children (a boy and a girl, of course), a faithful and devoted husband, good health, and an abundance of wealth and material possessions.

But what happens when reality doesn't line up with our hopes and dreams? What if the real story of our life and marriage disappoints us? Is our knight in shining armor who we thought he was when we married him? Can he save us from the dragon?

The Married Have Not Arrived

The problem with translating a fairytale into our personal life is our unrealistic expectations. We want the happy ending in our own lives, and we think marriage will be that blessing. We expect the happy ending - sometimes even demand it. We all have a romance story playing in our head of what married life will be like, but eventually we'll discover this fantasy world doesn't match reality. Our lofty, fragile hopes and dreams are shattered. We're hurt and confused by our husband's sin (and our own). We never realized marriage could be so hard.

We love the romance books and movies - the fairytale - because our own love life can be a disappointment. We foolishly think we've finally "arrived" when we go from single to married. But God knows we've only just begun. We need to start Read Full Article

By Liz Wann Source: DesiringGod.org



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