Ahnee’s Story: I Was a Real Bad Girl

By GospelVideo

I had just turned 21 two days prior, and I decided I'd go through with it and finally go dance to start paying my brother's criminal defense attorney that was fighting to keep him from getting the death penalty. Time was running out, and the money needed to be paid. I told myself I'd make enough to pay the attorney and be out, but, as I learned, it's never that easy. Six months into it, I had bought my first three-bedroom home. My brother's life had been spared, yet he was sentenced to spend the remainder of his 19-year old life in a concrete jungle, housed as a level-four, maximum security prisoner. By this time, I was numb.

I was hooked; the money was rolling in, and I had no one to answer to. The guilt and condemnation I felt and carried was so heavy. I turned away from the slightest thought of praying to the God I had always heard about and prayed to, never really knowing Him or understanding who He was or the love He had for me and the eternal salvation He would someday offer my soul.

Within the 7 years, I ran as far away from the Ahnee that I never really knew and just got deeper and deeper into a world of mistaken identity. I always felt I was created for something bigger, something better, and I believed having all this money now was going to help me get there. WRONG! I was in such a hurry to have a better life for my daughter and I. Yet, I took a turn down the highway to utter despair which lead me right into the pit of alcoholism, partying with ecstacy, homosexuality and into a lifestyle I remember so well from growing up, Violence. I was a real bad girl. I took the cake on Crazy. Long story short, I was involved with an ugly lifestyle and ugly people, and I did ugly really well. The year before God came to open my eyes, He allowed me to ditch death on numerous occasions, just so that I could look back and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was in fact Him that had truly saved me. I was on the brink of ruin and searching for someway to change. My daughter needed me to be there for her; the mission I was on was no longer about me, and that was the one and only inspiration I had here on earth. I needed to seek His face. How had it gotten this bad? Well, the Bible says, "Seek and you shall find," and God showed up! At 2am, while in a music studio with my then girlfriend, He, the God of heaven and earth, showed up and, as a puzzle is put together, He showed me how every step I took was without Him in mind and how I was so close to selling myself to the devil. But He was there to show me His face and give me a choice, and from that moment on I have chosen to seek Him and hope for the Glory that His name carries.

In the natural, I ended with my belongings in storage, my daughter living with her father and no money to my name, YET that ending was the beginning to my future, my future with my heavenly Father as my tour guide. I have not arrived yet, though I AM still on my way!

I am so grateful for the love and courage that Harmony had six years ago when I was fresh out of the dark lights and glitzy illusions. Her friendship has changed my life. She gave me hope in the love of real woman and real friendship, and TREASURES has been there for me when I have needed them most. Harmony is not just the founder of Treasures, she is my friend.

Be blessed...

"Treasures has given me hope in the power and love of real women with real hearts and real friendships. When I was fresh out of the dark lights and glitzy illusions, their friendships changed my life."

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