By Grace


Author of this book, Kim Ha Joong testified how we can meet living God. When we look into our daily lives or look back our Spiritual lives, we should kneel down before God and repent. We should lay down our worries. We need to focus on God fully. Then we can hear the tiny voice of God. Prophesy or knowledge is gift from God. So we cannot get it by our merit or our own effort. It depends on God’s will. Kim Ha Joong describes this in his prologue.

We sometines stand in the position of a leader. If leaders can be changed, I am sure that this world will change soon. If we all become leaders who treat people with love and honest, courageous and responsible, and try to carry sufferings of the world then history will change. In the position of leader, no longer I am not satisfied fulfilling my desire but think of my coworker who are working with same purpose and goals.

While I was reading this book, God waited for me to be changed and pray. It was not about any other person but me. I repent my sinful image which I have still now and praise God’s greatness only. Just as the banquet in Canaan land, when servants filled out the six jars of water, the water turned into water. Mary’s unshaken faith led God’s time reach.

Lord, please use me as the channel of your miracle. I pray that your amazing power can be revealed greatly. I am so thankful for your grace.

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