American Missionaries Detained in North Korea Make Plea to U.S. in TV Interview

By Jocelyn Hu

Two American missionaries that have been detained in North Korea spoke during an interview with CNN on Monday, pleading for the U.S. to work more diligently for their release.

Kenneth Bae and Jeffrey Fowle sat down with reporter Will Ripley as they were granted five minutes each to send messages to their friends and family, and discuss a limited number of topics.

"Right now, what I can say to my friends and family is continue to pray for me and continue in efforts in getting me released [from] here," Bae told Ripley.

As previously reported, Bae, who operates a tourist company in Washington state, was arrested not far from the city of Yanji in November 2012, where some Christian groups provide aid to North Korean refugees. It is stated that Bae has made a number of trips to North Korea to assist orphaned children.


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