Bitter Ain’t Sweet…

By GospelVideo

I still remember the first time I saw a man pray outside of a church service. I was gulping orchata and getting ready to tear into my burrito when one of the guys at the lunch table broke into prayer.

The saying "to him who is hungry, even what is bitter tastes sweet" has always resonated with me. I had an appetite for the attention of a man that was being satisfied by an abusive boyfriend whose best quality was that he stuck around for 7 years and the lustful notice of men in the strip club who placed one-dollar bills at my feet as gestures of approval.

Praying over a burrito sounds like such a small thing, but in that moment, it was everything. I turned my world upside-down. It changed the nature of my appetite.

In that moment, I tasted the tiniest dollop of honey, and everything else started to taste like day-old coffee grounds.

This weekend, the men in my life did more than pray over a meal. They spent 2 days preparing a Thanksgiving feast for the women of Treasures and served it to us in a room they decorated with beautiful bouquets of flowers.

I wish I could show you the radiant faces of the women who attended our celebration dinner, but out of respect for their privacy, I am including  photo of the feast itself and will leave their beaming smiles and the sounds of the laughter of their children to your imagination. 

Treasures is more than an organization. We are a community. Many of us have learned that family has less to do with biology and more to do with who you "do life with". We have learned to make family.

I am so thankful that healthy men with a desire to show value and honor to women have stepped up to the plate and become a part of this community. We are better for it.

Now that they have tasted the sweetness of being served by men who treat them with genuine respect and dignity, my prayer is that the presence and example of such men will change the very appetite of the women we serve.

© 2013 I Am Treasure Ministry  


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