Former Nixon Aide and Watergate Felon, Charles W. “Chuck” Colson, Offers Prophetic Insights

Former Nixon aide and Watergate felon, Charles W. “Chuck” Colson, Offers Prophetic Insights, Issues Clarion Call to Christians in Final Book. Charles W. "Chuck" Colson went from being a Nixon aide and Watergate felon, to becoming one of the most eloquent and influential evangelical Christian leaders of our time; a leading voice on all Christian worldview matters up until his death in 2012 at the age of 80.

‘For Such a Time as This’

As we meditate on the present state of affairs in our nation and world, no biblical passage should come to mind any more readily than the story of Esther. It was a critical time for God's people then, and so it is now-politically, monetarily, socially and spiritually. Listen to Mordecai's exhortation to his niece, who had just been appointed as queen:

Theologians on the Christian Life

I want to recommend to everyone the series of books being published by Crossway titled Theologians on the Christian Life. Eight of the volumes are now available. They are excellent! Each is devoted to a particular theologian from church history, the focus being his perspective on or theology of the Christian life. They are not biographies, as such, nor are they treatments of the entire theological position of each man. They are as the title to the series suggests: an exposition of each man's vie

Kevin Palau releases his first book, Unlikely, June 2

After nearly a decade of quietly working behind the scenes to reimagine city-impacting evangelistic efforts, Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association, has come out with a powerful new book telling the inspiring story of the local church in action.

Around the World with Kate & Mack - A Look at Languages from A to Z

Around the World with Kate & Mack - A Look at Languages from A to Z (Wycliffe Bible Translators) is a brilliant book. Characters Kate and her pet parrot Mack travel the world and meet children from different countries-and they take the young reader along with them.In each country, Kate and Mack meet a native child who tells them why the translation of the Bible into his or her native language is so important. In some cases, they share how the Bible has been translated and consequently changed th

Ten Things to Know Before Pursuing a New Life Calling

It's time. Or at least you think it might be. You've been sensing a struggle within for awhile, but you've kept it to yourself. You've felt a restlessness, a sense that you should be pursuing a new life calling, something more in line with your God-given gifts - but you're scared to step out without knowing how it will all turn out. You may be sensing a new calling to get into the pastoral ministry, to get out of the pastoral ministry, to start a church, to start a business, to switch careers,

Chasing Sunsets — LA Gangs, Angels and Baseball (Book Review)

Rising gang violence in American cities, a reemerging interest in angelic intervention and a love for baseball makes Chasing Sunsets, the latest novel by New York Times best-selling author, Karen Kingsbury, timely.Chasing Sunsets, the second book in Kingsbury's new series entitled Angels Walking (Howard Books) about angels on mission to earth, takes place in Los Angeles where shootings and crime of all kinds are commonplace -- and where fatherless kids find themselves mercilessly sucked into gan

Still Room for Hope: A Survivors Story (Book Review)

On July 6, 2002, sixteen-year-old Alisa Kaplan awoke, sick and disoriented, in the passenger seat of her car. She'd been at a party the night before, but there was a big blank hole where her own memories of the night should have been. So what happened at that party? Why couldn't she remember anything about the night before?

Mike Huckabee at Billy Graham Library: ‘One Light in the Darkness Can Make a Difference’

"So many people in America believe that, at the foundation of our culture and civilization, there has to be this understanding that God is the One who makes the rules. We don't get to edit or change them. We either live by them or die of failure to live by them," he explained.And as a believer-who was heavily influenced by the ministry of Billy Graham as a teenager-going on the Journey of Faith tour and meeting others who were influenced by Billy Graham's ministry carries a special significance

A Review of "Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative"

After reading The Meaning of the Millennium which outlines four differing views on the millennium (dispensational premillennialism, historical premillennialism, amillennialism, and postmillennialism), I wanted to dive deeper into the perspective I was most biblically and theologically drawn to: amillennialism. At the recommendation of numerous people I chose to read Sam Storms's book Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative. I had high expectations for this book and it met every single one of t

John Hagee's 'The Three Heavens'-Who Wins the Battle for Souls

New York Times best-selling author John Hagee combines the Bible, science and incredible true stories to explore the ongoing battle between angelic and demonic forces in his new book The Three Heavens: Angels, Demons and What Lies Ahead, reports Lovell-Fairchild Communications.

From The Crescent to The Cross

I first met Maryama at one of our Hospital Christian Fellowship conferences - a slightly build woman with finely chiseled features. During a lunch break I learned she was born and raised in Somalia in a Muslim family. She now lived in the States and was a Hospice chaplain. What I knew about Somalia you could put in a 1cc syringe and have space left over: It was a poor country on the east coast of Africa where women were treated badly and pirates brought terror to passing ships. That was about

New Book from Kay Wills Wyma Deals with Envy

Contrast this: Facebook in 2013 reports 1.23 billion monthly active users. Berlin's Humbolt University research, meanwhile, shows how many of those users run into "envy, leaving them feeling lonely, frustrated or angry," reports Lovell-Fairchild Communications.

An Easter story: Why I ‘Became’ Mary, the Mother of Jesus, For My Latest Novel

Now, having never met Mary, I had to ask the Lord to give me special skills to tell the amazing story of Mary, giving real insights into her life with her beloved son, from his childhood, his growing years, his ministry, his terrible death upon the cross, which she witnessed, his resurrection, and finally, his ascension to sit at the right hand of his father in heaven.

Kept for Jesus

Are we safe in the arms of our heavenly Father? Is it possible to sin so severely that we wrench ourselves free of his loving grip and fall forever into eternal condemnation?

Best Books of 2014

I know I'm late with this list. Particularly since other Christian news services have long since released their top book picks.[1] But as the saying goes, "better late than never." As is my custom for ASSIST News, I've chosen books that are taken from works I've read this past year; there's no committee or consensus. But as an editor, writer, and minister, the books I've chosen represent various publishers and differing voices within the larger church. I've tried to limit my list to books publis

The Ten Most Influential Books In My Life

I'm often asked: "What books influenced you most?" The question isn't about those books that have had the greatest impact in the history of the church. If that question were asked, my list would be significantly different.

'Mary My Story, From Bethlehem to Calvary' -- Dan Wooding’s Latest Novel

A review can do little to describe just how inspiring and beautiful this story is! Of course it says most of it itself since it tells the greatest story ever told in Mary's own words, this could not be more telling. However, I am deeply impressed by Dan Wooding's consummate journalistic skill and sensitive Christian heart in his beautiful, thoughtful portrayal of Mary's most intimate thoughts and experiences.