Paula's Picks for Christmas Gifts

Our Invisible Allies; The Definitive Guide on Angels and How They Work Behind the ScenesAre you curious about angels? What they do? Where they go? How they minister? Opening your eyes to a wondrous..

A Time to Heal; Grief Recovery Guide & Workbook

This lovely book set would make the perfect gift for a friend or family member who has recently experienced loss. The inspiration for A Time to Heal came from the author’s personal experience with loss..

A Hundred Years of Happiness

“A Hundred Years of Happiness” is a treasure…a truly lovely book! Rich characters, down to earth dialogue, and a meaningful storyline make it the perfect summer read.

Summer Value Books 2009

Summertime is here and hopefully that means more time for leisure activities…like reading of course! But if you’re anything like me you can whip through a paperback in two or three days..

The Husband Project

Although “The Husband Project” is camouflaged as an adorably written and delightfully funny book, in all reality it’s a powerful tool to help facilitate..

Happy for the Rest of Your Life

“Happy For the Rest of Your Life” is a truly enjoyable book and one which I found helpful and enlightening. Dr. Gregory Jantz exudes credibility and has a way of making the reader/author relationship seem personal and friendly.

Bathtub Books

A nasty back and neck injury last month made long baths a daily necessity. To pass the time I read, of course. Now don’t ask me why, but in my opinion bathtub reading is..

The Maker's Diet for Weight Loss

Wow. This book is definitely not for dieting sissies. The Makers Diet for Weight Loss offers readers an “extreme makeover” from the inside and out..

Eat This and Live!

I enjoyed holding this book in my hand. It’s the perfect size (could fit in my purse), it’s printed on extra thick paper..

The Great Hour Struck

The Great Hour Struck is set in World War II within the legendary 101st Airborne Division in the days leading up to D-Day and the crucible of the Normandy campaign that followed.

Through the Storm

When I received “Through the Storm” in the mail for possible review, I cracked it open with major reservations, an air of skepticism, and a bad attitude..

A Mile in My Flip-Flops

Cute, cute, cute! I literally smiled my way through the last third of this book. If you like HGTV and home improvement television shows..

The Twilight Series

This book series is incredibly popular among junior high and high school age kids. My best friend is an avid reader and since he often refers books to me..

C.H.A.T. - Prayer Coach

I listened to a podcast recently where Jim Nicodem, pastor of Christ Community Church in St. Charles, Illinois talked about his new book called Prayer Coach.

Light Across the River

Light Across the River is the sequel to Across the Wide River. Both historical novels by Stephanie Reed tell the story of the Rankin family..

The Shack

The Shack…..hmmmm, where do I start? I’m all over the map on this one. For the most part I very much enjoyed the message..

Couples Who Pray

I’m not exaggerating when I say this book has the potential to reduce the divorce statistics among Christian couples! It’s that powerful..

Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Praise

“Twelve Ways to Turn Your Pain Into Praise” begins with the author’s riveting story of her abusive childhood. She recounts her younger years with heartbreaking authenticity..

Glimpses of Heaven

"Glimpses of Heaven" is a tender and inviting book that will be deeply encouraging to people of all ages and all walks of life..