Keith Knight: Changing the Nations


Rarely do we know when the Lord is using us for His purpose or to what ends.  More often than not the moment simply passes us by.  But when we become aware of the Lord’s purpose for our lives and come into agreement with His plans, nations are changed. 

Look at Moses, King David, Mary and Joseph, they all thought they were living ordinary lives, but when they discovered God’s purpose for their lives and came into agreement with Him they saved the Hebrews from pharaoh, established Israel, and brought salvation to the entire world.

In our new film, Esther, we see how one of the most talked about women in the Bible came into agreement with the Lord and, in doing so, delivered the Jews from persecution.  

What is the Lord doing in your life right now that you could come into agreement with?  Although it may seem far-fetched that he could be asking you to change the nations, Moses, Esther, King David, Mary and Joseph thought the same thing.

Keith Knight - Copyright 2011 Pure Flix 

Changing the Nations, Esther