Cindy Winters: A Symbol of Forgiveness

By Amy

On March 8th, 2009 Cindy's world was turned upside down, no other loss in her life compared to what she was about to face. Tragedy came that Sunday morning to their church in Maryville, IL. A gunman came into their congregation and fatally shot her husband, Pastor Fred Winters. 

Cindy and her two daughters had to go through a nightmare they wish they could wake up from.  She was faced with the choice to let grief engulf her or to allow Jesus become her dependence.   Yes there were the questions of where was God, and why did this happen. But Cindy claimed that faith involves us to trust God even when we don't have the answers to our questions.
Cindy spoke with no hardness or malice but she spoke as a woman who was strengthened by the grace of her Savior Jesus Christ.  She was honest about her feelings and stated that God was more than able to handle her questions, fears and uncertainties.  It was amazing the way horrific circumstances could lead to even greater unity in their church and their community.
I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear her story.   She stated that a love relationship with Christ helped her through these hard times, not religion, not knowledge of facts, not inner strength. Such simple revelations but they hold so much importance in our lives.
Loss is a universal concept. Everyone experiences it at differnet times in their lives sometimes all at once or sometimes gradual. Never the less, we aren't alone in our grief. Christ is right there holding us when our hearts are bruised and our spirit is broken. 

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"If everything was taken away from you, would Jesus Christ be enough? I am here to tell you that he is." Cindy Winters 

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