Dear Hollywood, Why Do You Want Me Dead?

By James.B


Dear Hollywood, why do you want me dead?

That's the haunting question eleven-year-old Ella Frech is asking, prompted by the new movie Me Before You.

The movie released only a week ago, and already many people with disabilities have written movingly about it. But Ella may have written the most helpful, clearly articulated perspective. In doing so, she uses a major motion-picture to raise a larger issue about our culture's inherit discomfort with disability.

You sit there with your able bodies, and look at people in chairs and think you feel pity for our sad little lives, but the truth is you're afraid. You don't want to imagine that you might be one of us one day. You think you can be perfect, and think you'd rather die than have parts that don't work right. I think that's sad.

Just as interesting are some comments on her article and other articles with the same viewpoint. While the comments for Ella were mostly supportive (who is going to directly attack such an articulate young girl, especially one with a disability?), even her article generated comments that sought to "correct" her perspective. These comments generally fall into one of two camps: Read Full Article


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