Destroy the Power of Lust from the Root

By Jocelyn Hu

In "To Kill a Lion" ($12.99, paperback, 978-0-982785-87-4), author Bruce Lengeman discusses overcoming the power of lust by identifying the root issues behind it. Wanting and maintaining sexual purity more than immorality is a difficult ideal to reach in today's culture, but Lengeman takes on the subject with effective suggestions that go right to the root of the issue. Written for both counselors and strugglers, "To Kill a Lion" provides practical steps toward sexual freedom for men. 

Based in Lancaster County, PA, Lengeman is a writer, speaker, church-planter, business consultant, and professional counselor that has heard and answered the cry for real solutions rather than mere surface methods of self-help. In "To Kill a Lion," Lengeman addresses: How to be pure without being less sexual, how sexuality is connected to almost everything in life, how to trace sexual issues back to emotional issues, how sexual freedom of the heart brings new sexual vitality to a marriage, how to get to the place where sexual purity is desired more than immorality.

Thousands of men and women across the country have already been impacted by Lengeman's insight and teaching. One reader praises, "Through Bruce's quiet confidence and gentle grace, I was able to navigate through the darkness of bondage to sexual sin." Although, "To Kill a Lion" speaks directly to men, women have also reaped the benefits of getting an inside look at their husbands' struggles and subsequent transformations: "We had received some help along the way and some things had changed, but something was different this time around. He was free. He was out of the cage - never to return," noted one wife's testimony.

While "To Kill a Lion" is a valuable stand-alone resource, the book has expanded into a ministry of its own. Lengeman travels nationwide with his wife Ruthie, teaching life-building seminars and conferences on marriage, inner healing, and leadership. Focusing on Jesus Christ as the ultimate Redeemer, the Lengemans ignore traditional approaches of behavior modification by attacking the root causes behind the behavior. 


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