Don’t Believe the Lies…

By GospelVideo

"Watch your thoughts, they become words.? Watch your words, they become actions.? Watch your actions, they become habits.?" -Frank Outlaw

Fourteen years ago, I believed a lot of lies. They were so woven into the fabric of my being that they became my personal truth. I believed that I was worthless, stupid, and unlovable.  I believed that I was destined to be abandoned by any male I ever cared for.

My life reflected what I thought to be true, because I made choices based on those deep and hidden beliefs.  In essence, my thoughts shaped beliefs that dictated my actions and ultimately lead to habitually poor choices.  Looking back, sometimes it's hard to believe that I would stay in a relationship with a man who abused me the way my ex boyfriend did.  But the truth is, I believed I was the kind of girl who deserved to be abused long before I became the kind of girl that would let myself be abused.

Transformation and healing often requires a "make-over" of the mind.  Many of us spend a lot of time on our outer appearance.  Just to get ready in the morning, most women use an entire arsenal of equipment- dryers, irons, lotions and sprays, body scrubs and make-up.  Men, don't front, you have razors, aftershave, pomade for your hair and cross fit to boot!

But do we spend as much time "making over" our minds?

The Bible tells us to 'Be transformed by the renewing of your mind' (Romans 12:2).  It also says that we are to 'take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ' (2 Corinthians 10:5).

There is a process of transformation that requires action on our part. It is up to us to actively replace the lies we believe with the truth.  I don't know about you, but I want to be as diligent about caring for my inner-self as I am with my outer-self.  Because at the end of the day, that is what truly matters.  People aren't impacted by how straight I get my hair with the hottest flat iron on the market.  But they will be impacted by how I live my life, the choices I make, and the way I love the people around me.  And ultimately, the way I live my life (my actions and habits) is a reflection of the things I think.

As we contemplate the kind of lives we hope to live, here are some questions we can all ask ourselves.

  • What thoughts am I allowing to shape what I believe to be true?
  • How does my life reflect what I believe?

Here are some truths to get you started on replacing the lies:

The Truth About a Treasure

Treasures for your Troubles

Love, Harmony

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