Dr. Jaerock Lee’s Book ‘Confession’ Published in Simplified Chinese

By Jocelyn Hu

Dr. Jaerock Lee's book "Confession" has been published in Simplified Chinese in both paperback and e-book formats.

Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church, in Seoul, has authored more than 90 books including his steady sellers Tasting Eternal Life before Death, The Message of the Cross, andHeaven I & II. With his books that have been translated into 57 languages, he has actively engaged in the literary ministry.

The book contains 100 poems that had been received from God in deep inspiration of the Spirit. They cause the readers to feel as though they are living in the Biblical times.

"Confession" is a collection of poems that spiritually awaken readers.

The first chapter, entitled "My Loving Father," includes God's confession of love towards mankind and the love of the forefathers of faith, who served during Old Testament times. This will cause readers to feel the love of God the Father, who created man with His long-cherished desire and hope; a desire and hope He wants to share with people.

The second chapter, "Lord, My Bridegroom," contains: the professions of Jesus, who came to the earth as the Savior; John the Baptist, who made ready for the way of the Lord; Peter and John who were the Lord's disciples; Mary Magdalene; and the Apostle Paul.

The last chapter, "Father, Lord, and I," contains the beautiful confession of Dr. Jaerock Lee, who has missed God the Father and the Lord, and shows the deeds of his ardent love for his church members.

Also, "Confession" in eBook format, is available through Amazon Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play Books.

The Korean version of "Confession" was a bestseller in the religion section of Kyobo Bookstore, one of the largest bookshops in Korea.


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Dr. Jaerock Lee’s Book; ‘Confession’