Dreams Redeemed Pt 2: Don’t Give Up The Dream for What Is Temporary

By GospelVideo

In my last blog on Dreams Redeemed, I proposed that what happens when the dream is deferred largely depends on what happens to the dreamer. How we respond in the face of disappointed dreams will determine whether we will be moved closer to the God Dream or further from it.

I have come to know God as a Redeemer of Dreams. I believe that there are things that you and I can do that will create an atmosphere in which God can do a redemptive work.

Don't give up the dream for what is temporary

It is my sincere belief that disappointment and pain have a way of fueling temptation.  When faced with disappointed dreams we find ourselves more susceptible to our areas of weakness.  Whether it be isolating or over-eating, having casual sex, or having a few too many glasses of wine, our desire to anesthetize drives us to compromise.  We tell ourselves we deserve it.  We deserve to feel better.

We are inclined to sacrifice the dream for what is temporary. The comfort our vices bring are fleeting and shallow at best, viciously destructive at worst.

There is a scene in the famous opera, La Boehme in which two men are suffering through a brutal winter in Paris.  Throughout the scene, one of them, a writer, is working diligently on writing something that he appears to have poured countless hours into. He is so cold he can barely focus on his work.

Having no money for coal or wood to burn on the fire, in a moment of sheer desperation, the writer thrusts the body of work into the furnace.  In moments, the stack of paper is burned to ashes.

This writer sacrificed his dream for a fleeting moment of comfort.


The way we deal with painful circumstances in our lives has a way of revealing our character. When we faced frustrated dreams, we can let it build our character or break it.

Don't let the pain of disappointed dreams cause you to forfeit your dreams for quick fixes and momentary pleasures. There is too much at stake.

There is freedom on the other end of your faithfulness.  Both for you personally, and for all of the people who will be impacted by you living out your purpose!

Love, Harmony

© 2013 I Am Treasure Ministry


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