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Have you ever wondered, "If God is so good, then why is this happening?"

Many of us have found ourselves faced with circumstances that would cause us to call God's character into question.  We question His very goodness and the goodness of His plans for our lives. And if there isn't a good God, with a good plan, then why should we even bother to dream at all?

There have been times where I have found myself so heartbroken, I have wondered, "What is the point in praying?  What is the point of dreaming if I keep getting hurt?"  In these low moments, I have been tempted to believe that God doesn't care about what I want, so why hope at all?

There is a line in the serenity prayer commonly prayed in 12-step meetings that asks God to help us to accept "hardship as a pathway to peace; taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it".

That line always stuck out to me because so much of my energy was spent trying to fix and control circumstances and the people around me in order to create a life as I would have it.  Clearly this didn't work.

In the aftermath of my divorce, I lost my home, my credit was ruined, and it felt like one by one all of these safety nets I set up for myself, and the life I was trying to build was completely dismantled.  Life was not as I would have it.

At one point, I found myself truly grieving this and said to God, "It didn't turn out how I thought it would".  It seemed like all of my dreams were lost. I felt God respond to my heart, "I rescued you.  I rescued you from your version of the dream.  And I will redeem the dream."

I believe Him.

I have heard it said, "Longing is good for you.  It's the echo of miracles to come."

God cares about my dreams.  And He cares about your dreams too. He cares about the longing in our hearts.

Sharing our dreams with God doesn't mean we get everything we want.  He isn't our personal genie.  But the process of sharing our dreams with God facilitates intimacy with Him.

Can you imagine having a best friend or a spouse, and not sharing your dreams and desires with them? I think I would feel pretty disconnected if I wasn't able to share my heart with them in this way.

If there is one thing I know about God, it is that intimate relationship with you and I is important to Him.  So important that Jesus gave His very life so that nothing would separate us from that relationship.

God can redeem the dream...It's up to you and I to let Him.

So let's keep dreaming...and let's keep our dreams surrendered to God.

Love, Harmony

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