What It Means to Be A Man, About Sexual Addiction Recovery

After a week long of fighting, my parents finally decided to end things. My dad walked into my room with tears in his eyes and said, “Joel, I have to go, you are the man of the house now, make sure you take care of everyone.” WHAT???

Reaching Out to Others Can Ease Loneliness as Christmas

Q: I lost my husband to cancer two years ago, and holidays are especially hard for me now. I can't help but remember all the good times we had at Christmas and at other times, and now I'm all alone. How can I cope with this?

Social Lepers: Ministering to the Incarcerated and their Families

In biblical times, lepers were excluded from associating with the people who populated the towns and cities of the Old Testament. Today in a similar fashion, there is another group of social lepers who are routinely excluded from meaningful participation in society.

Motivation to Break the Cycle of Sexual Sin

If you are struggling with pornography there are many avenues to take to set your motivation in place. The most important I believe is to do it because God tells us to not be involved in sexual sin of any kind and we set our mind on obeying God and overcoming the temptations. But there are many other sources of motivation. I have an amazing 5-year-old boy that just started school two weeks ago. He is my motivation for a lot of things.

John Piper: Christ Cannot Be Stopped

This conference is a dream come true for me. I give four reasons for why in my message tomorrow night. So I won't give them here. You can live-stream all the main sessions at desiringGod.org/live, beginning at 8:15 PM (EST) tomorrow (full live-stream schedule below).

A New Beginning, Looking Forward to 2014

God has many attributes, and among his power, greatness, and love are also creativity and art-filled passion. We see this every day when we look at this created world, but he is also the Master of creative words and symbolism. Sometimes what we need in order to begin something new is… a new beginning.

No Matter How Great The Pain Was, Write 5 Things To Remember Simple Joys

We live in a society where we're used to comfort and convenience. We can pop some sort of pill anytime anything on our body hurts or feels uncomfortable... or we just complain about it. We do that a lot. I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm not guilty of complaining, because I am.

Invitation to Stand with Phil Robertson

On the Facebook Page of "I STAND WITH PHIL", they invite all friends to give them a "Like" and Stand with Phil Robertson. They also ask all to call to A&E Television Networks, LLC to show their stance. ~ #212-210-1400

Ruth Bell Graham: The Most Reassuring Promises of Scripture "I AM WITH YOU"

Among the most reassuring promises of Scripture are the "I-Am-With-You" promises. They begin in Genesis where God says to Isaac, "Fear not, for I am with thee" (Genesis 26:24). They reach a glorious climax in Matthew 1:23, "And they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us."

Anne Graham Lotz: Embracing God's Purpose

Jill Briscoe, noted author and international speaker, was once asked what she saw as her life's greatest mission. She answered that her life's greatest mission is "to figure out what to do every day in my life - as ordained by God - and then to do it." Jill knows there are many things to do in life that are not ordained of God, which is why we must be single-minded.

Inspirational Quotes Of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow has continued to shake up the NFL with his new found presence as a New York Jet. Despite, all of the hype Tebow has maintained a well-grounded attitude and demeanor. He has stayed true to himself and provided some insightful words of wisdom along the way. Here are a few of the inspirational quotes from Tim Tebow that prove he's more than just a hyped up quarterback.

6 Ways to Love a Depressed Person

Two things aren't easy: pimping and loving a depressed person. Whether you're depressed and want to passive aggressively send this to some friends, or whether you have a friend who's depressed and are about to throw your hands in the air like you just don't know how to care, here are six tips that might help you love a depressed person a little better

Sarah Roberts: How to Handle Losing Seasons

Let me introduce you to the Putnam City West High School softball team. They are a group of girls that I have come to know and love. Some of these girls have troubling backgrounds and questionable pasts but amazing overcoming spirits. They love their coaches, they love being together, but they haven't won a game in three years and this year they have started off the year 0-16. I had the opportunity to go speak and hang out with the team this week. They taught me a few things about getting throug

Story of Chandler Carroll: From Quiet Force to Vocal Leader

For three years, Chandler Carroll sat in Fellowship of Christian Athletes huddle meetings at Yorktown (Ind.) High School and just listened. He preferred to lead by example rather than with words, and he did so exceptionally well, whether that was on the football field, the wresting mat, in the classroom or in his relationship with God.

Rick Warren Says "What Will Drive Your Church Next Year?

When I wrote The Purpose Driven Church, I made the bold assertion that every church is driven by something. That's still true, and as you prepare to lead your church into another new year, you must decide what will drive your congregation.

Quit the Excuses – I Can’t Take the Shame

In my prior two posts I addressed the two incorrect ideas that 1) sexual addiction (porn addiction) isn’t a big problem and, 2) that sexual addiction is something that can be tackled by one’s self. In this final post I want to address the issue of shame. Specifically, how can we address our addiction issues if we want to avoid the shame associated with them?

Here's the Best Gift to Give Yourself This Christmas

Everyone loses something to an addiction. You don’t need to be caught in the act, reprimanded, or punished for it to cost you, because the truth is: addiction costs you something you don’t even realize you’re losing until so much of it is gone you can’t fathom where it all went.