Nick Vujicic Tells Taipei 'never give up' Over 3,000 Saying the Prayer of Salvation

WOW. Biggest EVER Government-approved evangelical outreach in the city of Kaohsiung, will be broadcasted on the nation's cable christian tv channel twice. In the stadium 30,000 attending, over 3,000 saying the prayer of salvation for the very first time and many more recommitted to their active personal relationship with Jesus. This was such a HUGE and BEAUTIFUL last event part of the Life Without Limbs Ministry World Outreach 2013!!! Tomorrow we launch Episode One of the Web Series capturing th

Jesus in the Clinic

Healthcare professionals are often closest to some of the most intense physical suffering and pain. Because of this, Christians in healthcare have a unique opportunity to model Jesus' incarnational love, being his hands and feet in a visible, tangible way. Heather Cutillo, a registered nurse and InterVarsity alumna, has had firsthand experience with living out her faith in the nursing world, and has seen the ways that the love of God still shines brightly in the dark places.

All of a Sudden God Stopped Me... I Got Help For My Addictions - By Shana M.

For over 10 years I had an extreme addiction to alcohol and to myself. I was the most selfish woman on the face of the earth. My addictions and sin held me captive...until one day, I decided to end it all. After taking a handful of prescription pills with a pint of peppermint schnapps I ran to the trail near my home.

Fighting the Sexual Addiction

If you want to overcome sexual addiction, just as with any other addiction, you must be proactive about it. Resources abound everywhere offering help. Jesus, prayer, people in church, ministries like xxxchurch, etc..

Nelson Mandela-The Most Iconic Moment: A Sprinbok Jersey-Wearing President In Rugby World Cup

"Nelson Mandela put behind him all the emotional baggage of the white racists' game to endorse rugby with open arms. For a man who suffered what he endured, notably on Robben Island, to have personally embraced the white South African players and have donned a Springbok cap at an ANC youth rally, asking everyone to support the team 'because they are our kind', confirmed the man's credentials for sainthood."

Is Counseling the Answer For Porn Addiction?

Somewhere I got the idea that if you find a professional and pay them enough money they can fix anything. This was my “ace in the hole” regarding my addiction to pornography. I always figured that if it got bad enough, I could find a good counselor and get fixed. I have seen a few counselors about my addiction but that didn’t really go anywhere. Seems like it always got sidetracked into marriage therapy or something.

Brian K. Dodd: 20 Quotes From Nelson Mandela: A Leader Who Truly Changed The World

We use the phrase "change the world" very liberally. The following are 20 Leadership Quotes From Nelson Mandela, a leader who truly did change the world. "It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership."

T.D.Jakes' Message for Paul Walker co-star Tyrese Gibson: When if Feels Like Death Has Won

In moments like this, it feels - it feels like death has won. But the bible says that love is stronger than death. Your hearts are heavy, tears flow down. Your spirits are wounded. I feel that too. I didn't have the privilege of knowing him as long as many of you have done. I understand what it is to be in pain. You look around and everybody you love and everybody you can count on and everybody you can trust seems to be slipping through your fingers.

The Biblical Ways to Overcome a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

To be abused or traumatized is to be touched by evil. Evil, like good, has an impact. It is important to understand how the abuse or trauma affected you. What has it taught you? Where has it harmed you? Healing is applied knowledgably only when a wound is understood. No matter what the extent of the damage, no matter how badly you have been wounded, there if hope for healing.

Recovery From Porn Addiction, Ministry Is Accountability

Although it’s not a concept that is shared perhaps as much as it should be, at the end of the day, “ministry is accountability”. However, personal experience and overall observation have taught me that true accountability is not the kind that “churchy folks” tend to use as a justification for being in everyone’s business and deciding what is appropriate and what is not---or who is going to hell or not (yeah, be careful with that).

The Rich Soil of Nelson Mandela's Faith: South Africa's Christian Heritage

When the new South Africa was formed in 1994, and its Constitution first submitted for adoption, few of the political parties remembered the words: "THIS BIBLE is for the government of the people…" Only one Christian party did so. They voted against the Constitution and said: "The majority of South Africans… wanted the words “In humble submission to Almighty God” to be inserted at the beginning of the preamble, but the communists and atheists in the Constitutional Assembly (who are in the minori

The Sinful Thoughts Will Fade

I remember a time when I collected porn stars like baseball cards. My friends and I would sit and compare who was the hottest by name, who had the best “game’ and who our favorites were. I also remember a time when I started hating this.

Three Simple Steps to Overcome Any And All Temptation

When you choose to let go of your addiction not just with your mind but with your heart, that’s when you are ready to move on. The moving on part is probably the most difficult task you will ever face. As anyone can tell you, letting go of addiction is not simple. You have a long road in front of you, and if that is hard to hear, well - get over it. It’s the truth. I do not sugarcoat a thing.

3 Great Things About the Gift of Sobriety

Becoming sober from an addiction to pornography has cost me a lot. It’s come with a serious price tag attached to it. Years of my life wasted on websites and women who neither knew me nor cared about me. Relationships that were compromised sexually and crumbled to the ground. Living as a shallow human being for close to 13 years of my life.