Greg Laurie: Here’s a post from my wife,Cathe.

Thoughts for a Saturday...before Sunday Sunday mornings at Church were full of familiar routines... and homilies quickly forgotten. The Jesus stories in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were familiar and my prayers for the most part, were recited from memory and without much emotion. I would look at the stained glass images and pictures with wide but tearless eyes.

Dare 2 Share Ministries Greg Stier: How to Share the Gospel With an Atheist

Last week I sat next to James on a flight from St. Louis to Denver. As we talked the subject turned to spirituality and religion. I confessed that I was a preacher and he confessed he was an atheist. What unfolded on the rest of the flight was a deep, thought-provocative, laughter-laced gospel conversation. Over the years I've had the privilege of engaging many atheists like James in various settings

Thanksgiving Day - Billy Graham: How to Be Thankful in All Things

The next footsteps in the corridor, he knew, might be those of the guards taking him away to his execution. His only bed was the hard, cold stone floor of the dank, cramped prison cell. Not an hour passed when he was free from the constant irritation of the chains and the pain of the iron manacles cutting into his wrists and legs.

Will Graham: What Churches Can Learn From the NFL

I get excited around this time of year because it's the opening of football season. I have to admit that I enjoy the sport and love watching my team take the field and battle it out against their division rivals. It's exciting to watch everything that's happening, from the way that the five offensive linemen work as one entity, to the choreography of the defensive backs and linebackers roaming the secondary. In other sports, it seems like one superstar can carry an entire team

The Many Hands of Thankfulness in Sexual Recovery

Imagine with me that you're ten years old again (which might be scary to relive). You and your friends are having a blast outside playing Hide and Seek or Capture the Flag, getting into all the trouble that ten-year-olds do at that age.

Why Do I Need Accountability?

The question may arise while you're looking through this site: why do I need X3watch? I asked myself the same question when I was a young student with my own computer as well.

Interview: Jerry Moore, Appalachian State University Football Coach - Faith on the Field

Moore is oblivious to the commotion of nearby passengers standing in line, his gaze fixed downward on a worn leather-bound volume of Scripture as he reads from the Psalms and Proverbs. It's the prototypical Moore-unassuming and deeply sincere in his faith. Those characteristics haven't changed despite his spectacular gridiron accomplishments in the nearly two years since that trip.

Old Habits Don't Die Overnight. Jesus Is in Control Withhout Destroy

Anyone who has struggled with porn for any length of time finds himself asking the same questions over and over again: “What is wrong with me? I feel horrible about what I am doing. This is not who I want to be. I just can’t stop. Who can tell me what is wrong with me?”

I Can't Do This On My Own, Falling in Love With Jesus Brought the Change

The following are lyrics from "More Like Falling In Love" by Jason Gray. Every time I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes. It so well describes what we need in our world today and in our lives when we are struggling with life controlling issues like porn. I need this for me. I need to live this and hang on to this when the times are tough, when it seems like everyone is against me, when it seems like nothing is happening the way I want it to and the changes I want just don’t seem to be hap

Struggling with Porn Addiction, Blindsided by Accountability

If you're like me, then somewhere in the back of your mind is a little part of you that resists the idea of accountability. As humans, we tend to be inherently rebellious creatures and dislike the thought of someone looking over our shoulders. And when it comes to our flaws and our struggles, we discover an even more independent streak that says, "I know what my problems are; just leave me alone and I'll deal with them myself."

What If God Looks at Us And Is Singing? - About God's Love

Every now and again I will have a moment of clarity. A moment when everything feels great. When I feel hopeful, excited, optimistic and ready all in one. I’ve never had many of these in my life but recently I have been having more. And it’s great and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Dealing With Porn Addiction? I’m Not Sure I have Enough Faith

It doesn’t matter what issue you are dealing with you always need to have a measure of faith to successfully deal with it and get control over it. If you need to change something you are making it an act of faith to make the change. You need faith to believe that the change you are making is the best move and have the results you wish for because most times change requires the decision to make the change before you can actually make the change.

"The Gutter: Where Life Is Meant to Be Lived" - Three Reminders About The Gutter

Many times I have discovered that I banish people to the gutter when they don’t believe like me, act like me, speak like me, or look like me, but it is in the gutter that Jesus defined his model for the most effective ministry. When I miss Jesus’ example to the gutter, it’s only because I have forgotten the pain I felt when I was in the gutter of my own life. We forget the gutter is the one thing that we all have in common – it’s the great equalizer where everyone becomes equal.