So, When Is It Porn and When Is It "Just Acting"?

I went to go see The Masters (Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams). Now, those folks *can act*, no doubt about it. However, there was this one scene with women *in all of their glory* parading around a house and I thought "OK...and what is the point of this scene exactly?" That question, later on, was followed up with this thought: "I'm pretty sure that if it had been online with some bad lighting and corny music, it would be considered a porn scene."

Rick Warren: How to Keep Your Integrity As a Leader

Last week, I wrote about the three greatest temptations of leadership. This week, I want to talk about the three ways we can keep our integrity and prevent those temptations from destroying our testimony and diminishing our influence.

Lisa Beamer, A 9/11 Widow Trusts in the Sovereign Goodness of God

After the exposition, he said, "Let's let Lisa Beamer bear witness to this sovereign love. Her husband Todd was on flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania. He was the one who said, 'Let's Roll.' He left behind Lisa and three small children (one born last January). I have found at least ten lessons from Lisa mostly in her own words."

Action Steps: Staying Pure By Starting Early, About Parenting

Talking to kids about sex and purity can be awkward and stressful for all involved, especially the first few times. I mean, it seems like only yesterday that the kids were knee-deep in Barbies and Ken dolls. Now you have to talk about what happens if and when those two hook up.

Confession: I Am a Pastor and I Cannot Stop Looking at Porn

Every week I receive emails from people who are confessing their need for help. Porn has grabbed a hold of their life and they are drowning in guilt and shame. I hate these emails. I hate to see people hurting and struggling through such a devastating issue. I love freedom. I love to see people winning in this battle.

Cris Clapp Logan: How Do I Talk to My Child About Sex?

So many of us probably had little to no instruction or conversation with our own parents about sex, and, if we did, it was likely a one-time, super-awkward lecture that dealt merely with the mechanics of baby making. In today’s culture, this simply won’t cut it. Our children are faced with a barrage of sexual images, videos and other content—even popular family TV programs and cartoons are filled with sexual innuendo and values that may not be very close to home.

Confessions: An Open Letter to The Women of The Adult Industry

I am writing to you to apologize for any harm I may have caused you as a result of my participation in various adult entertainment businesses. Although it’s been seven months since I’ve looked at porn, I spent 30+ years viewing porn, calling 900 numbers, and attending strip clubs, among other things.

How Do I Get Rid of These Thoughts? About Pornographic Image

If you’re an avid reader of these blogs then you’ve seen it time and time again. It’s something to the effect of “I still remember the first pornographic images I ever saw” or “I’ve managed to quit but the countless images still remain locked in my brain.” These statements are no joke, and it's baffling. For some reason, these images somehow become concrete, embedding themselves into our psyches for days, weeks, months and sometimes decades on end. Why is it that we can recall the first naked pe

Will I Always be This Way?- Billy Grahm‘s My Answer

I guess I just don't have any backbone. I promise God I'm not going to do something I know is wrong, but then I get with my friends and before I know it I'm doing it. I hate being such a weak person. Will I always be this way? — M.H.

[Photos] Nick Vujicic World Outreach Tour Singapore (1)

Here we are! Last day of this section of our World Outreach Tour. We're finishing up our time in Singapore today, and then headed back home this evening. Our time in Asia has been incredible, and I'm so blessed by the opportunity to see so many lives changed, yet at the same time I'm so excited to see my boy and my wife again.

Open Yourself: Accountability, Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It

In the past I have had talks with various men who have hesitated to install accountability software on their phones or join accountability groups because, ironically, they fear that others will think they have something to hide. The thought process goes something likes this. If others think I need to be held accountable then they will assume I have problems too. Of course, unfortunately there is some truth in this. People do in general like to single out the dysfunctions of their peers rather th

Worth The Wait: God Is Always Working in Ways We Cannot See

I don't like waiting! I don't like to wait in traffic, airports, or restaurants.I don't even like to wait to give a Christmas present to someone, and usually end up giving it early! Why? Because I can't stand waiting! How many times have you prayed for something, and then waited...and waited...and waited for the answer? Maybe you're still waiting? In my song, "He Never Sleeps", the lyrics are, "when you've prayed every prayer that you know how to pray; Just remember the Lord will hear, and the

Porn Makes Me Hate It for Lying to Me About Sex, The True Purpose of Sex

If there's one main thing that porn makes me do it's hate it for distracting me away from the true purpose of sex, from focusing on having sex the way God intended for it to be. Porn steal, kills and destroys everything pure and sacred about sex---not so much because of *(all of) the acts themselves but the intent behind them: money, disrespect for humankind all under the guise of "harmless entertainment".

Recognizing You Have a Problem, Pornography Gives You False Sense of Reality

When was the first time you realized that porn may be an actual problem in your life? We read countless stories from people who mention that the first time they saw pornography; the images have remained emblazoned in their minds to this day, that they knew they were doing something bad even though they had never been told so. How is this possible? What in our brains or hearts tells us that what we’re doing is wrong or unnatural?

Porn "And Stuff", Researchers Are Finding That Porn Is Really Bad For Our Brains

As an unashamed, former addict who overcame porn and became a youth pastor, cabin counselor, and small group leader, I have the porn conversation pretty often. In our groups, it starts with a few comments about respect to each other's story, then I tell my story of struggle and freedom. This usually leads to a time of confession and place for openness. It's great!

What Do I Do When I Have Fallen Again

We have all faced situations in life, which require decisions. We have proof that decision-making was one of the first things that God instilled in man from the very beginning. Eve had a decision to make after the serpent, in chapter three of Genesis, tempted her. Adam had a decision to make when God approached him, blame Eve or take responsibility for her actions?

XXX Church: How to Stop Masturbating

Well, it’s simple. Every time you do the deed, God destroys an innocent fluffy kitten.This has been a running joke for some time but when it really comes down to stopping a habit that many of us formed at such a young age, and have continued to indulge in for years and years and years, the task of stopping can seem virtually impossible.

Evolution: I Can't Believe This Is My Marriage

I found myself sitting in the bathroom thinking that one day. I was really grieved that this union that I had waited to well into my 30s to form had ended up leaving me feeling as isolated and lonely as when I was single. Except now worse, because when I was single, I, at least had girlfriends to commiserate with. Now, married life had distanced me from those bonds and the one I was supposed to be, well, “one with” was causing me grief.

Love Is to Be Helpful - About Toxic Relationships

I remember once watching an episode of Sex & the City (yes, Sex & the City) and Carrie was whining about one of her relationships. In response, I also recall Samantha saying that the sign of a good relationship is if it makes you smile more than it causes you to frown. (Actually, the sign of anything healthy in your life is if it garners that kind of result.)

Treasures Founder Harmony Dust Answers: What Keeps Me Going?

There are very few things in my life I have done consistently for 9 years. It can be hard to stick to anything that long and I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I have had my fair share of moments when I wanted to quit. During one of these moments, I called up a friend of mine who is also in full-time ministry and we joked about starting an ocean front jet-ski business in Cancun. We laughed and prayed and cried, and in the end decided to stick to our posts.