To People Who Struggle With Porn Addiction : Being Open Leads to Self Confidence

What a strange creature man is...... One of the most important things to many is that other people think well of us. So in order to help ensure this, we will cover up our struggles so that we appear not to have that people will think well of us. Essentially, I will act dishonorably by lying to you about who I am so that you will think I'm an honorable person. What a paradox. We will be fake so people will think we are genuinely good......go figure.

Will Hathaway: How Do I Stop Masturbating

The struggle with masturbation and porn is that these are addictions that often grow in secret and are fueled by shame. The normal tendency for people is to also try to conquer the addictions in secret so that nobody ever knows there was a problem there to begin with. Thus giving victory over what they know is a problem but saving them the embarrassment of anyone ever knowing. Frustration mounts as the tactic is often to plead with God to take away these desires and when He doesn't, the spira

Tim Tebow's Mother, Pamela Tebow, Knows The Pain of Considering Abortion

Pam contracted amoebic dysentery, an infection of the intestine caused by a parasite found in contaminated food or drink. She went into a coma and was treated with strong antibiotics before they discovered she was pregnant. Doctors urged her to abort the baby for her own safety and told her that the medicines had caused irreversible damage to her baby.

Recovery from Abusive Childhood: Being Open Takes Time

I spent my childhood and early adulthood being verbally and mentally abused by both my mother and my father. Although they’d deny that any of their actions towards me constituted abuse, it was enough to make me distrustful, wary, and bitter about people and the world in general.

Porn is Like a Drug--Nothing Else Matters Until You're Satiated

I've never done drugs, any drugs, outside of an early-age bout with Flintstones chewables (20 years clean), but I think I can successfully draw some comparisons between porn and drugs. You gotta have it, right? Nothing else matters until you're satiated.

Porn is NOT Your Friend!

Porn is not your friend. It takes you away from your friends, your family, the places and projects you were made to live for, the connections that were meant to change the world.

XXX Church: Porn Is Dehumanizing

It’s an interesting contradiction; we enjoy porn because we convince ourselves that the people performing in it are enjoying it as well. We think that we can become that great at sex because the images we see reinforce our fantasies. Ironically, the very thing we get the most joy out of is the most faked part of pornography. Once you can fully come to terms with the fact that what you’re watching is 100% fake on so many levels, the appeal that porn offers will start to diminish.

Being Open Is: Knowing How to Have Deeper Relationships

Open is not always easy. In my younger years (i.e. five years ago LOL), it wasn’t one of my virtues. To be real, it wasn’t something I was in a rush to become. Open, in my view, meant being exposed, vulnerable, and under a microscope…nothing I was interested in being. It’s only been in the last four years that I have been on a pursuit of revealing my true self to those I love the most.

Help You to Choose Courage: X Girls Episode 5: (My Mind)

Few things stir the human heart like fantasy. Often we assign the fantasy gene solely to men and their desires, but the truth is, we are all guilty. How many times have we been at the gym, staring with envy at someone else’s rock hard abs? How many times have we stood in line at the grocery store, assaulted by airbrushed skin and gorgeous hair? How many times have our fantasies been riddled with fearful scenes that probably will never happen in real life? And someone please, please tell me I am

Being Open is About More than Porn

When I first walked into a support group for those who struggle with sexual addiction in 1991, I assumed the only reason I was there was to deal with the sexual sin I was ensnared with. I hated going and exposing myself as a “CP” (Christian Pervert). “I’ll just do my time and move on,” I thought.

God’s Precious and Living Stones - By Jeff Colón

We all start out like a diamond in the rough, but God knows how to bring us to perfection. All those who are allowing this process to take place “are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the spirit.”(Ephesians 2:22) Hallelujah! With this in our sights, we can then learn to rejoice when discipline and trials come, knowing that we are being prepared as His precious, living stones!

"A Biblical Guide to Counseling the Sexual Addict": Building An Effective Support Group

The concept of a small group of believers meeting together for the purpose of encouraging each other spiritually certainly has biblical and historical roots. In our present situation, where Christian men are continually bombarded with sexual imagery and temptation, support groups have emerged as the modern-day, streamlined method of providing aid to those who struggle.

Recovery After Sex Industry: Leap of Faith

Of course they wanted my name. But this was the first time I was going to write my name- my real name and connect it to my past. Yes, I had friends who knew about my sex industry work. But not my Christian friends. No way. I was afraid to tell them. Wouldn’t they judge me?

Students Confessions: I'm Feeding my Addiction, now It's Eating me

I am a 16 year old who struggles with pornagraphy. "All guys do it. It's the norm" if the norm is being tempted to find sex being turned from a beautiful God given pleasure to a kid sitting at home regretting the past few minutes in front of a computer screen, what has this society become?

Dr. Michael Youssel's Devotion: The Joy of Giving

Perhaps there was a time in your life when you made a bold pledge to God, vowing to give Him all that you are and all that you have. But then you were drawn off course and ended up forgetting you made this promise.

Treasures Strip Club Outreach: The Light and the Lighter

On my drive to the Treasures Outreach last Friday, the sky was deep gray like rain would soon come. As I prayed for the outreach that night, the image of God as a holy fire consumed my thoughts. He is the One Who lights the way, a lamp unto our feet. He is the One Who burns away all that is not from Him. He is the refiner and the One Who brings warmth when life is cold.

The Purpose of Loneliness Part II

One of the big reasons we avoid our selves is shame. Shame is often defined in comparison to guilt. Guilt is feeling bad about what we’ve done. Shame is feeling bad about who we are. If we feel that there is something so wrong with us that letting our true selves out would only bring disaster, then we are doomed to keep our selves under deep wraps and never get to know who we really are.

Treasures Ministry: The kids are going to be okay…

I encouraged her that even though the journey ahead may be challenging, that God will equip her and that she is the transitional generation. Because of the choices she is making today, she is setting her child up for a better future.

I Almost Died—and Became a Better Pastor in the Process P. 1

If you have never been told you might be dying, I highly recommend the experience. For me, it turned out to be a life-saving and life-altering experience. Up until a few years ago, I was immortal. Death was a scary little troll that visited other people, but not me.

Rev. Adam Hamilton: One Pastor Who Changed My Life

When I was 16, Phil said that he thought God might be calling me to be a pastor. I was not interested in pastoring, but in law, or engineering or perhaps psychology. He was insistent, inviting me to preach for him one Sunday night. It was that night that I sensed God's call to be a pastor.