7 Ways to Respond on Sunday after a Disaster is in the News

This was a week (again) where the news was dominated by a natural disaster. Knowing that this blog is read by many pastors and church leaders, I felt led to address the issue many of them (us) will be considering...or at least should be.

What the Bible Teaches us About Tragedy

The walk of a believer is often fraught with trials and tribulations leading to both defeat and victory. Life's tragedies, your personal 9/11's come into our lives seemingly in waves as we face obstacles, which both challenge our confidence and test our faith.

The Power of Initiative

Lying south of China and its assorted neighbors of Thailand, Vietnam and Burma, Malaysia is strung out on a peninsula lying where the China and Andaman Seas connect. It is spectacular in scenery, rich in soil and fertility and complex in religion and politics.

Youthful Porn Addicts

His parents were blind-sided by the phone call. Even though they’d noticed their son’s grades had slipped, they blamed it on entering high school. He was a quiet kid, staying in his room when he was home. He’d lost interest in youth group, but since they were still able to get him to church most weeks they let it slide. Nothing outward seemed all that different, so when the principal told them to come to the school immediately, they thought there’d been a mistake.

Crushing Your Goals … God's Way

I've read too many books about achieving goals, accomplishing tasks, and being more productive. Some authors say you should shoot for the stars when setting goals.

Principles For Leaders About Vision

Recently I came across a video blog by Phil Strout talking about qualities found in successful leaders. In those videos I found some principles that I have always believed concerning vision.

Encouragement in These Times of Despair in our Culture

As a Christian, one could get very discouraged in light of all of the recent social issues that have hit the news wire. Abortion is the normative as it ever has been, divorce is seemingly at an all time high and things like pride, slander and sexual sin are absolutely rampant.

Pastors, Get Out of the Trap

Monday can be an awful day for pastors who take their calling seriously. Not only are they often spent at every level from giving all they have to the preaching of God's Word and other duties that are incumbent upon leaders, but there are other factors at work in their mind.

The God Who Comforts Like A Mother

This week at my church I won't be sharing a traditional Mother's Day sermon but instead will be sharing a message about the God who comforts as a mother who comforts her child.

My Accordion and My Christian Life

About a year ago I took up the accordion. Ever since, I have considered whether this was a good idea. I acquired the very old two-reed Hohner for $25 from an older gentleman from Germany who wanted to encourage me in my curiosity about the instrument

God Often Does His Best Work In The Darkness

Being in the valley of trials stinks. It's painful, disorienting, and confusing. As we stagger and stumble along we often wonder, Where is God? Why is he allowing me to go through this?

What Is Biblical Fairness?

To oppose fairness is like opposing goodness itself, many Americans say. Money is made, contracts are negotiated and government legislation is approved, while suing the “fairness argument”.

10 of the Best Things Jesus Ever Said

I actually started this article thinking I could sift all the Lord’s wonderful statements down to the Top 10. Now, I see how naive that was! I couldn’t even get through Matthew’s Gospel with ten, much less the other three gospels.

Change agent: Ignite F.C. - World Vision

The Buzz: The boys who play for Ignite F.C. have a special reason to celebrate every time they score a goal. Each time they do, supporters pass a can among their fans to solicit a contribution to the players’ favorite charities. The initials F.C. actually stand for “For Christ,” rather than the traditional “Football Club.”

30 Hour Famine National Director Leah Swindon: Why?

I believe that as youth workers “why” is one of the most important questions we ask ourselves. As an example, when I have my youth leader hat on, I’ll ask myself: “Why are we doing this service project?” Is it because there’s a need or because we need to be doing it?

30 HOUR FAMIN: Keep Doing Your Thing—Because It Isn’t Just a Thing

So keep doing your thing, and be encouraged to do it with even more energy than before. I know I am. But remember, the 30 Hour Famine isn’t a thing. It’s big Essau grinning as he dances to the song a woman named Dorica is singing—a song about how World Vision and her fish pond have transformed her family’s life.

Pay it Forward

If you have never seen the movie Pay It Forward, you have missed a great family movie. This movie features Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment as Trevor, the 12-year-old.

Gospel-Centered Apologetics

In the case of Christianity, everything that matters depends on one single question: “What happened after Jesus died?” If Jesus returned to life after he died, there is every reason to entrust my entire existence to him. If Jesus is still dead, Christianity is the most far-fetched lie that anyone has ever believed.

Real Beauty

You have probably already seen Dove’s viral video campaign called “Dove Real Beauty Sketches.” Released to YouTube on April 14, it has already been viewed more than 10 million times (between the three-minute and six-minute versions).

The High Cost of Ministry

At Lagos Airport, another delay to the flight to London was announced … I strolled down the various wings, bored of waiting at the lounge …then I noticed a passenger with a limp and I seemed to recognize him as he now sits calmly by his luggage waiting for his flight to the Far East.

Comforting Scriptures For The Brokenhearted

I put together this list of Bible verses about comfort because it is my desire and heart that this blog and my other websites would be a place where people could come and receive healing for the hurts that they have received.

Ignite Conference: Praying For the Sleeping Giant

Tonight, I'm praying for the sleeping giant to awaken... praying for God's men in the church to awaken to the fact that they need to engange in the world, engage in today's culture for the salvation of men through the Holy Spirit.

"The Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher Biography(1925-2013)

Margaret Thatcher was born on 13 October 1925. She died peacefully in London on 8 April 2013. She was baptised in the local Wesleyan Methodist Chapel shortly after Christmas. Hers is the only baptism recorded there between July and the following January, the town's birthrate taking a decade to recover from the loss of young men in the Great War. MT's father, Alf Roberts, had been rejected for service owing to poor eyesight.

Traditions Can Snuff Out Life

How many times have you heard the expression, "We've always done it this way?" I've actually heard some professing Christians say, "I don't care what the Bible says, I'm going to do it my way."