Our Song and Strength

Often in our lives we have hurdles of grief, desperation, hopelessness, fear and what seem to be impossible situations to jump..

His Blood Covered It All

I have received eight emails in the last four weeks from people who are feeling guilty because of their past. I submit to you on the authority of the Word of God that if you have confessed your sins and asked Him to forgive you..

Hold On - Don’t Give Up!!

Don’t you just love it when our Father takes the time to speak to us, To make Himself known in a way, that we know without a doubt that it is His voice..

What's Wrong with My Junk?

There is an old saying that “one person’s junk is another one’s treasure.” After a recent yard sale and seeing what people were buying from my household rejects..

Finding Truth in the Forest

Many in today’s society question the very existence of God. They have seen so many that talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Stories and newscasters loudly proclaim..

A Swamp Full of Alligators

I used to have a picture of a man trying to crawl out of a swamp with alligators surrounding him on every side. The caption read “When you are up to your a** in alligators, it’s difficult to remember your objective is to drain the swamp.”

Are You an Encourager

I have some very dear friends who have married for over fifty years. They have been cleaning their church for almost twenty years. I asked them one time if they ever got tired of..

Encourage Them

God has given me the ministry of encouraging pastors. Over the last two years I have received fifty-two emails from pastors whose hearts and lives are broken. They have told me they are discouraged because of all the criticism they receive..

Sweep the Hidden Corners

All of us have corners in our hearts that are full of hurt that we have kept hidden from our families, from our friends, and from the world. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have these things in our hearts. Every time someone says..

Up From the Valley

There is a saying that you can not truly enjoy a mountaintop high unless you have first walked through the valley. It is easier to sit calmly, nod your head in agreement..

Just Jesus and You

Have you ever felt completely alone and said to Jesus “Here we go again. It’s just You and me, Jesus”? I have said that many times in my life. Without warning, something will happen to shake my world upside down..

The Stapler of Love

As I was sitting at the desk in my office this morning, I saw the stapler and the thought came to me that Jesus staples the fragmented parts of our heart and lives together with His stapler of love. We have so many different emotions..

A Promise From Jesus

Two years ago when God entrusted the ministries of composing inspirational writings and encouraging pastors to me, I was totally unaware of all the critical and sarcastic emails..

Peace In The Midst of Chaos

We live in a world that is full of chaos. It seems like we just get one problem solved and another one worse than the last one hits us. Our lives are filled with crowded schedules and so many demands on our time that we find it difficult to read the Bible

When The Tears Flow

Something happened yesterday that devastated me and I cried. How wonderful it is to know that when we are brokenhearted and cry Jesus keeps our tears because they are precious to Him..

Chasing Shadows

During various vacations, we toured caverns in North Carolina and Virginia. The wired lighting strung revealed an underground stream, bottomless pools, blind fish and rich beautiful colors..

The Son Never Goes Down

There are times in our lives when we can’t see anything but darkness. There are people who are in the darkness of divorce and broken homes. There are parents whose hearts are broken over children who have gone astray..

God's Lemonade

Have you ever heard the saying “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”? That is exactly what God did for me when He sent Jesus to die for me. Because of Jesus, I now have His lemonade of Love in my heart..

Will It Ever Be Morning

Have you ever wondered during the long lonely night if the sun would ever come up and if morning would ever come? There are times when we are in the middle of overwhelming heartaches and circumstances and we wonder if morning will ever come for us..

Window of Freedom

As I was looking out my window, this verse came to my mind. There are times when it feels like we are trapped behind locked doors of doubts, fears and suicidal thoughts. I’ve had people email me that they don’t think there is any reason to keep living..

Tragic Winds

A few days ago tragedy struck just a few miles from my small community. In a matter of seconds, homes were destroyed, belongings scattered, but most of all, eight lives were lost in the deadly storm..

Set Free

Last week as I was brushing my hair and looking in the mirror, I thought “Who is this person”? This person in the mirror is smiling and happy and has peace and joy reflected in her eyes. The answer is written in blood on my heart..

Come To the Water

There are times in our lives when our hearts become dry from lack of encouragement, and from criticism and sarcastic remarks. When it feels like we can’t take another step or give another smile, it is then that we need to run as fast as we can to the livi

Lord, I Hurt – Part II

A broken heart robs us of joy and energy. It hurts. Even though we were put here to do more than exist, our struggles can strangle our best intentions. Some women feel discouraged, stuck, anxious--even distant from God..

Lord, I Hurt!

“I just feel worthless, like—what’s the use?” Deidre said to me, wiping a tear. Her story echoed all the heartache I’d felt a hundred times in my own life. Utter disappointment, rejection, feelings of inadequacy. Pat answers and cliches never help, so I o