Ronnie Floyd: Preachers: Give People an Opportunity to Respond to God

When we preach the Bible, we are leading people to encounter God and respond to Him personally. As we work our way through the specific text we are preaching, we are leading them to encounter the God who wrote this Bible. My Personal Testimony I believe when a preacher of God’s Word unpacks the Scripture, revealing the Lord Jesus and His greatness, he preaches for decision. As we work our way through the text, periodically sharing illustrations that relate to the meaning of the text, then

I Know God Can Do Anything He Wants to...Is There Any Hope for Me?

Q: I know God can do anything He wants to, which means that if He wanted to, He could even forgive me for all the bad things I've done. But I could never forgive myself. I know I've hurt a lot of people, and I feel so ashamed and guilty. Is there any hope for me?

Story of Ben Utecht: Former NFL Player Suffering from Memory Loss Writes Song for Family

Ben Utecht spends every minute of every day making his dreams become a reality. Utecht achieved football's highest honor when his team the 2006 Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl XLI. Utecht is now 4 seasons removed from his NFL career as a tight end due to Traumatic Brain Injuries from Concussions. His transition has been daunting in many ways, yet amidst the trials of cognitive rehabilitation he has found himself again through pursuing another dream: becoming a successful singer and artist in

Why Do Some People Get Their Feelings Hurt So Easily?

Q: Why do some people get their feelings hurt so easily? I deeply love my wife, but I dread going out to social events or even church, because sometimes someone will say something she thinks is directed at her (although it isn't), and she gets upset. How can I help her?

Testimony of Tennis Player Allie Wilson: Beyond Compare

In just two years at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, Allie Wilson has already made a name for herself as a marketing major, tennis player, homecoming queen and more. But above all else, it’s her willingness to share Christ’s love with everyone she meets that’s given Wilson her own identity on campus.

God Calls Us to a Higher Standard Than the World Does

Q: I've not been a Christian very long, and the other day someone in my church took me aside and bluntly said I needed to clean up my language. Is he right? I admit it kind of offended me. I don't see what difference it makes, since everyone talks this way.