Franklin Graham: Praying for the Nations

Just a couple of weeks ago I was in Japan holding a Crusade in the city of Sapporo. After preaching the Gospel the first night, I began to give an invitation for individuals to respond to Jesus Christ. I said, "If you're not sure your soul is secure in the hands of almighty God, you can be sure right now," and then I paused for the interpreter to repeat the words in Japanese.

Billy Graham’s My Answers on God and Military

Over the years, people around the world have submitted questions via My Answer to Billy Graham regarding military service. We honor those who have served our nation in a very profound and sacrificial way.

Justin Lathrop: 4 Things You Need in Order to Do Ministry

Recently I was reading through Philippians 4, and I was struck by how practical Paul's advice is to the church at Philippi. In fact, mostly I've thought of these promptings as having value on a personal level, but it occurred to me this time around that those exhortations were given to a church. They are important not only on a personal level, but for church ministry as well.

Jesus Came to Make Our Lives Complete – not Miserable!

Q: I'm not interested in God, and I can't understand why anyone would want to be. I have my own life to live, and I don't need God telling me what to do. Having God around would just be a bother. I had enough of God when I was a kid.

Testimony of Brooke Pighin: Higher Calling

Brooke Pighin has a Type A personality. Vibrant, tenacious, stepping up to a challenge and launching herself into a project until it is done, and done well, she moves at 100 miles per hour and attacks life with a no-nonsense attitude.

Story about Thomas & Angela Hurst Family and COVR Photo-An iPhone Case With a Built-In Lens

I created COVR after my wife Angela, a mom of three young boys, was diagnosed with late-stage cancer at the age of 37. Not knowing what would lay ahead, Angela and I made it our mission to document as many special moments in our family as we could so that our sons would always be able to look back on the beautiful relationship and adventures they had with their mom.

The Latest Surgery of Mia Robertson

Mia Robertson, the lovely daughter of Duck Dynasty's Jase and Missy Robertson, underwent surgery today for her cleft lip. The loving parents kept their fans loyally updated throughout the world via their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Fans showed their support by praising Mia's courage and positive attitude while also showing their support for Jase and Missy.

Two Ways Leaders Reduce Stress & Increase Effectiveness in Ministry

How can you reduce your stress and increase your effectiveness in ministry? Practice these two habits: Number one, sharpen your skills. Take the time to hone your skills. Get better at the things you do. And number two, sharpen their skills. Invest in the skill development of the team around you. When you increase their effectiveness your effectiveness increases.