Rick Warren: How to Use Your God-given Influence to Be a Kingdom Builder (Part 2)

In my previous article I argued that “Everyone has influence. We all influence someone.” And that God expects us to be good stewards of that influence. And I defined a “kingdom builder” as one who as a great purpose to live for, great principles to live by, great power to live on, and great people to live with. I shared the first half of a dozen scriptural principles about influence:

Greg Stier: 5 Valuable Pre-Preaching Rituals

As a “professional communicator) I get the privilege of doing a lot of speaking to a ton of different groups. God has blessed me to speak in front of big groups (just got done preaching two hours ago to 5,000 teenagers at #IYC2014 in Nashville), small groups (I do a weekly staff chapel service for our staff of 23 strong at Dare 2 Share) and medium sized groups (anything in between 23 and 5,000 )

Sacrificial Giving Smells Good To God: A Biblical Perspective on Money

There are over 2,300 references to finance and money in Scripture. Many would prefer that the Bible say nothing at all on the subject because any mention of it makes them feel uncomfortable. Some are uncomfortable because they feel guilty for not being generous and for having fallen far short in financial stewardship. Others feel uncomfortable because they think the only reason why a preacher would ever bring it up is when he wants to elevate his own personal standard of living.

Rick Warren: To See Lives Transformed, Always Start with the Truth of God’s Word

Nothing thrills a Pastor more than seeing real transformation happen in the lives of people. We want to see people grow up and become completely mature – completely like Jesus Christ. Another word for this is sanctification, and sanctification always begins as God’s Spirit uses God’s truth to change the mind, heart, and will of His follower.

Ron Sellers, President of Grey Matter Research: The Graying U.S. Population

All you need to know about the direction our nation's population is headed is plastered on the U.S. Census Bureau website: Fueled by Aging Baby Boomers, Nation's Older Population to Nearly Double, Census Bureau Reports. With advances in health care and the dramatic decrease in smoking, people are living far longer than they used to. In addition, the massive baby boomer population (people born between 1946 and 1964) is moving through the age spectrum like a pig through a python - and the old

Lead Better by Improving the Way You Communicate, Three Things You Must Give up

You can’t lead a church, evangelize a community, or do business without communicating. And the better you become as a communicator, the better you become as a leader, and the better the team you lead becomes as a result. That means to get ahead you’ve got to continually work on your communication skills. Probably 75% of the problems we face, at home, at work, and at church are related to poor communication with family members, church members, your clients, or your coworkers. Poor communication i

Rick Warren Talks About Leadership: Charisma Is Optional, Character and Competence Are Essential

All leadership is built on two things – character and competence. Those are the twin values of leadership. Charisma is optional. Some of the most charismatic people of the twentieth century were also the worst. Hitler, Mao, and Marx and Mussolini were all charismatic. Charisma has absolutely nothing to do with leadership. If you possess it, it’s merely a bonus and, if you allow it, it can actually get you into a lot of trouble. Real leadership is built on character and competence.

P. Ronnie Floyd: Pastors and Christian Leaders: It Is Time for the Next Great Awakening

Everything in American life today points to our greatest need: the next great spiritual awakening in America. I believe there is a growing desperation rising up within the people of God and a continual expectation that God is going to do something great in our generation. I believe it is time. It is time to cry out to God I have now been part of leading prayer gatherings with over 1,500 pastors.

Four Steps to Reversing Ministry Burnout - By Rick Warren

I wrote last week about four big mistakes that lead to ministry burnout. One thing I love about the Bible is that it doesn’t just give us the causes of our problems in life. It gives us cures. When Elijah faced burnout in his ministry, God helped him do four things that are just as applicable to our lives today as they were in Elijah’s era.

Rick Warren: Teach Your Congregation to Give to God’s Five Funds

Should Pastors ever talk about money? Only if you want to make disciples. What we worship shows in how we spend our time, our energy, and our money. So one of the roles of church leaders is to help people see the proper place of money in our lives and the potential reward in eternity when we invest our resources into eternal things.

Rick Warren: Great Leaders Live By Strong Convictions

The real foundation of great leadership is character, not charisma. And one aspect of a leader’s character is the convictions to which he is deeply committed. Great leaders have strongly held beliefs. An opinion is something you’d argue about; a conviction is something you’d die for. Pastors, especially, must define the convictions for which they will endure every kind of hardship, and the only way to stand for those kinds of convictions is to live from a deep sense of God’s calling.

Pastor Rick Warren: 8 Questions to Ask When Preparing Your Sermons

I believe that the best model to follow in the history of preaching is Jesus. It isn’t John the Baptist, Paul, or any contemporary speaker alive today. Jesus was THE Master Communicator. The Bible says in Matthew 7:28 that “the crowds were amazed at Jesus’ sermons.” Why? Because both the content and the delivery came straight from the Father. Jesus said in John 12:49, “The Father who sent me commanded me what to say and how to say it.”

Rick Warren: The Easter Invitation: Calling People to Decide What to Do with Jesus

As I write this, millions of Christians and church leaders are getting ready for Easter weekend, and it's a huge opportunity for the church to spring into action to invite and welcome lost people to hear the gospel. And so as we Pastors prepare to preach about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we desperately need the power of God - the same power that raised Jesus from the dead - to be at work in and through us.

Marilee Pierce Dunker Shares History of World Vision in Taiwan: 40 Years Later, A Reunion of Love

My father began supporting various missionary projects in Taiwan in the early 1950s, and in 1965 I traveled with him to see some of the children's homes, hospitals, and schools World Vision had helped build and was supporting. I had not been back to Taiwan since, and even though I knew that most of the things I remembered would be long gone, I asked to revisit some of those historic places.

Marilee Pierce Dunker Shares History of World Vision and Taiwan: Sometimes Faith is a Blank Check

On the fourth day of my visit to Taiwan, my World Vision hostess, Charlotte, and I took the bullet train through the heart of the island to the gorgeous mountains around Sun Moon Lake. The sparkling crater lake is now one of the most desirable tourist destinations on Taiwan, but when I came here with my Dad in 1965 it was best known for being General and Madam Chiang Kai-shek's summer home. I wish my 50-year-old memories were not so hazy! But I do remember that Dad and I had the honor of worship

Jay Kranda: Finding Strengths In the Fears of Church Online

My big third grade school project was a beast. Every eight year old had to do their final project in front of the class and Mr. Michaels, my teacher who might as well been Michael Myers considering I was so scared, filmed the entire performance. I hated the idea of being in front of my peers and a video camera staring me dead in the eyes did not help. This fear of public speaking was irrational, but that did not help my body from shaking throughout my presentation. Maybe I was just channeling my

Stefan Carlson: Why Business can Change the World

There's no question about it: Our generation wants to make a difference. It's a good thing, too. According to World Vision, half the world - 3 billion people - live on less than $2 a day. One-seventh of the world goes hungry; one-fifth of all children living in developing countries don't have access to clean water and there are still 6,898 unreached people groups - 2.91 billion people - according to the Joshua Project. As we contemplate the world's most pressing needs

Paul Hildreth: Commitment to the City: Responding to The Cape Town Commitment on Cities

This article is a part of the March 2014 Lausanne Global Analysis. See the full issue or download the PDF version. Cities are crucially important for the human future and for world mission.[1] So starts the Call to Action in The Cape Town Commitment in its statement on cities. As recently as the 1990s, commentators announced the 'end of geography',[2] and 'a flatter world',[3] as technological change was meant to increase homogeneity and make cities less important. It did not happen. In f

Biography of Bob Bowman, Founder of FEBC: A Legacy of Faithfulness

Throughout history, God has been on a mission to reach the nations. He does this through people who are willing to submit their lives to Him in faith. Robert Bowman was one of those people. Born March 16, 1915, Dr Bob Bowman co-founded Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). When Bob was eighteen years old

Testimony of Karen Kingsbury, USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author

Karen was raised in a denominational faith, which gave her a strong belief in God and an ear to His calling. But she did not have a relationship with Christ until she met Don, the man she would eventually marry. She was riding an exercise bicycle at a local health club in Southern California when Don, a good-looking blond guy

Testimony of Hockey Star Jinelle Siergiej: Bringing Christ to the Ice (1)

JINELLE SIERGIEJ .A year before the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, former Wisconsin women's hockey star Jinelle Siergiej had shoulder surgery. With her arm in a sling, she told her mother she would never make Team USA unless God wanted her to be there. "I was dead serious," Siergiej says

A Skeptic’s Quest – Testimony of Josh McDowell Part 1

I am probably the least likely person to be doing what I do and what I have done. You said, what do you mean? Over the years I have given more lectures to more students at more universities than anyone in history. In nineteen out of twenty universities we would have the largest crowds for lectures in the history of the university. We would go into a school like Stanford University, at the time rated the number one school in America, and in two nights we had five thousand students there and there