John Piper: The Ministry of Hudson Taylor As Life in Christ

The focus of this message on Hudson Taylor how he experienced union with Christ. And of course, the warning flags go up immediately because it is well known that Hudson Taylor was significantly influenced by the Keswick Movement and its views of sanctification, which, in the worst exponents, are seriously flawed. My conclusion will be that Hudson Taylor is not one of those worst exponents, and that he was protected from Keswick's worst flaws by his allegiance to the Bible, his belief in the sove

Preparing For Evangelistic Outreach - Billy Graham’s Crusades and Prayer

For many years Sterling Huston directed Mr. Graham's crusades in the USA and Canada. In his book, Crusade Evangelism and the Local Church, he clearly states, "Prayer is the first priority in Evangelism. People, methods, and materials are instruments, and it is only through prayer that these instruments become effective by the empowering of the Holy Spirit." And Mr. Graham often said, "-when I am asked to list the most important steps for an evangelistic mission, my reply is always the same: pray

Brian Nixon: On, Art, Hunting, Running, and Outreach: A Day with Artist, Jake Lovato

GALLUP, NEW MEXICO (ANS) -- I first met Jake Lovato at Calvary Albuquerque. He was new to the church, and after introducing himself on a Sunday, we ended up become friends, talking regularly. What first struck me about Jake was his classic Western wear: a bolo tie (which I found out later he made), a scarf around his neck, cowboy boots, western shirt, vest, and a wonderful mustache. Jake looked like he walked off a Western movie set. I was intrigued.

Tim Keller Teaches How To Preach Hell To Postmoderns

The young man in my office was impeccably dressed and articulate. He was an Ivy League MBA, successful in the financial world, and he had lived in three countries before the age of thirty. Raised in a family with only the loosest connections to a mainline church, he had little understanding of Christianity.

How Do North Koreans Respond When They Hear The Gospel?

...I always learn a lot about my own faith and about the Christian life when I reflect on how North Koreans receive the Gospel. It helps shape my proclamation more biblically. I hope these brief excerpts may do the same for you...

Chris Castaldo: Who will be the Next Billy Graham?

The story is told that, during the International Congress on World Evangelization at Lausanne in 1974, someone asked Billy Graham, "Who will be the next Billy Graham?" In answer, the nonpareil evangelist motioned to the panorama of Christian leaders around him, saying......

Discipleship is a Who, Not a What

At my church (and in many others), we say discipleship happens best in small groups. We push our LifeGroups very hard and encourage people to be a part of them. Nothing wrong with that, but is it the answer? We also believe we grow through our weekly teaching of the Word, even though we know that's just one way people grow.

Are You an ‘Evangelism’ or ‘Discipleship’ Church?

It's the question asked over coffee, behind closed doors and in conversations at conferences. For me, it was an interview question at the church I currently serve: "Are you more of an evangelism guy or a discipleship guy?" The "correct" answer was evangelism (which I answered at the time). Several months later, we were hiring another campus pastor for our North Campus and as we interviewed various candidates, we asked them the same question, always looking for guys that leaned toward evangelism.

Brandon Cox: How to Bring Joy to Your City

I love that part of the story of the early church in which God allows persecution to scatter the Christians from Jerusalem like ants. The Bible says that everywhere they went, they preached the gospel (see Acts chapter 8). Phillip, in particular, headed to a city in Samaria and became the earliest cross-cultural missionary. When he preached there, the citizens listened and embraced Jesus. The Bible sums it up by saying, "So there was great joy in that city." (Acts 8:8 NLT)

No Condemnation in Christ Jesus, Low Down Dirty Shame

John Chapter 8 is one of my favorite bible stories. This is the story of the adulteress woman. Here the scribes and Pharisees had brought this adulterous woman, but obviously not to justify the law, if so they would have also brought the man. He had broken the law just as much she had. The law required that both be stoned to death.(Lev. 20:10)

Scott Attebery: How God Does Big Thing in Small Church

Remember the Pepsi Challenge? It was a marketing campaign in the 80’s where people would be offered two unmarked cups. One contained Coke and the other contained Pepsi. After taking a sip of both, the participants would be asked to reveal which one they liked the best.

John Piper: Missions Is Not for Wimpy Women — And Nine Other Lessons From Ethiopia

I'm writing this on my last night of seven in Addis Ababa, the sprawling, higher-than-Denver, capitol of Ethiopia - which just became the second most populous country of Africa. The international, inter-agency cooperation of missions today is illustrated by the fact that we are staying in a Mission to the World (PCA) guesthouse and speaking at a college sponsored by SIM, whose international leadership just passed from a Scot to a Nigerian based in America. Jason Meyer and I spoke at five diff

Cru Military Ministry: Started by Prayer

A simple prayer over a decade ago, "Lord, help us reach the internationals living right here among us," launched a movement to international military members stationed in the United States. The late Paul Pettijohn, Cru Military's first International Director, believed God would enable us to "touch the nations" right here in our own backyard. His prayer grew into focused intercession for a team to help shepherd movements among these international military members which would lead to movements in

[Photos] Billy Graham's "My Hope" at Point Church, N.C.

Billy Graham's "My Hope" attracted people gathered at Point Church, Charlotte, N.C. The church made a birthday cake for Billy Graham's 95th birthday, which fell on the first night that "The Cross" was broadcast nationwide.

Extend Irresistible Invitations

Without a doubt, inviting people who are not-yet-Christians to your My Hope America viewing party or church event is tough business. The very act of extending an invitation to someone puts you in the vulnerable position of facing rejection. But, at the appropriate time, invitations must be made; they're worth the risk-no one will ever come with you without them. It's as simple as that!

Greg Laurie: I’m Speaking at Resurgence Today

This conference is sponsored by Mark Driscoll and the church he pastors, Mars Hill. I appreciate the fact that Mark is gathering, as he puts it, leaders from different "tribes" to come together on what we all hold in common.

The New China- How Things Have Changed For Christians In China

China is the only country to actually see improvement this year on the World Watch List. Most countries that drop in rank do so because other countries have gotten that much worse. China dropped in ranking because things are actually getting better for the most part. What a praise report!