The Middle East, First Hand

Having just returned from a three-country Middle Eastern speaking tour, I cannot help but reflect on how much more complex the situation in the Middle East has become.

What is Biblical Discipleship?

I call it the lost art of mentorship, because very few seem to understand it today; and the church has not corporately emphasized it since about the third century AD.

Sharing the Gospel With Internet Memes

If you are on Facebook, then you have probably seen at least a few pictures or videos that have spread rapidly as they were shared by thousands of people.

Is Your Leadership Style Cramping Your Disciple Making?

There are probably just as many leadership styles as there are personalities. There are also church traditions and expectations that influence or even dictate certain leadership styles. If you understand this, then you will also understand that there is not one “right” leadership style.

NRB and the Future of Christian Media

This week Christian radio and TV broadcasters, journalists, and filmmakers have gathered in Nashville for the National Religious Broadcasters Convention

Do You Have Free Will?

Moreover, when you understand this idea of choices being both free and determined, I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that, when you grasp these concepts Biblically, reformed theology becomes very easy to embrace.

What Are You Thirsty For?

Some of us have tried to satisfy our thirst for meaning and purpose through a person, through possessions, or by pursuing pleasure…

On Your Doorstep

Hospitality is a natural human tendency implanted by the grace of Jesus Christ within the human heart. We often enjoy sharing our worldly wealth with others..

Pathway to Enlightenment

Everywhere we turn today, someone or something grabs our attention with a promise of a fulfilling life. A life involving peace, contentment, and joy..

Are We Doing It

It is easy to give thanks to God and praise Him when we are with our brothers and sisters in Christ. However, what about the times when..

No Excuses

When I walked down the aisle to the front of the church during the invitation hymn one bright and sunny Sunday morning in 1998..

Too Much Talk

Last night I turned on the television and I listened to a candidate who is in the presidential race talking about everything that is wrong in our country and what needed to be done in our country..

This Is an Emergency

A friend of mine had to take her husband to an Urgent Care facility last night because he had hurt his foot. They put stitches in his foot and also gave him a tetanus shot..

The Founder of the World

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is a manager of a very large store. I asked him if the company gave him a commission or bonus if his store sold a certain amount. He said “They used to do that but they don’t do it anymore”..

The Clock Is Ticking

Jesus has already sent forth labourers into His harvest and the labourers are every person that has been born again by the blood of Jesus. We are running out of time to tell the good news of a risen Saviour..

Germs of Discouragement

When we are sick and have germs we are very careful not to spread them to babies, yet we spread germs of discouragement to new Christians. We spread them by our holier than thou attitudes..

Send Somebody

I read about a lady who went on a mission trip several years ago. She was very disturbed, angry and appalled at the living conditions of the children. She prayed and asked God..

Needless Pain

During all of those forty plus years I spent in a crippling and devastating depression, not one time did anyone tell me that Jesus loved me..