Father Ruben Hernandez’s Letter to Missing Teen Daughter Abigail, Showing Unlimited Forgiveness

By ImageofGod

This is a modern version of the parable of the lost son. The father of missing teenage Abigail Hernandez is pleading for his daughter's return. His posted a letter on facebook, saying, "Nobody Is Angry With You".

In the letter, the anxious father shows unlimited love to his daughter, and trust to the heavenly Father.

My Dearest Abby,

We don't know if you ran away but if you did, it's important for you to know Sweetheart that nobody is angry with you, and you are not and will not be in any trouble. I just need to know that you are OK. I am very worried that you are out there in the cold, because I don't know if you have a jacket. I am also worried that you may not be eating. I am hoping and praying that you are safe, warm, and that you are eating. Please Sweetheart, if you are able; find a way to let us all know that you are ok. It can be a simple message like posting your favorite Bible scripture (Book, chapter and verse.) It's the one that you also used as your password. Dad remembers what it was. You can post is on Face book, Twitter, text it, or however you wish. Or you can phone it in to anyone that you trust. You can phone it in or Fax it to the Conway Police Department at (603) 356-5785 Fax 356-8837. Or you can call the Jackson Police Department at (60...3) 383-9292 Fax 383-8150. You can also call the dispatch number at (603) 539-2284. It doesn't matter if anyone answers or if the call goes to voicemail. If you don't want to say anything just say the Bible scripture. If you don't want to do it yourself maybe you can get someone to do it for you. Or use whatever method you wish. It doesn't matter how you contact us, but please Sweetheart find a way to let us know that you are ok.

You probably didn't anticipate all the media attention that you are getting, and we understand that it can be overwhelming and a bit frightening. But please know that I promise that I will do my best to keep the media away from you, and no one will embarrass you. For whatever reason that may have caused you to run away you know deep in your heart that you can always come to me, as you have in the past and we can work it out. No matter what it is.

Please know that I am praying and trusting in God, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that they are watching over you, and will return you safely to us. And I hope that you are also staying in prayer, and having faith. Please stay strong Sweetheart.

In the last letter that you wrote me you ended it by saying...."I love you very, very, very much and that you will always be my dad." Well darling let me also say that I love you very, very, very much, and that you will always be my daughter.

With Love,

Abigail left Kennett High School at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 9 and walked the same route she usually did toward the town house she shares with her mother about two miles away.When her mother returned home that evening, Abigail was missing and she hasn't been seen or heard from since.

The FBI has offered a $20,000 reward for information that leads to Hernandez' return.