Feeling Guilty About the Hours You Work?

By James.B

Ever wonder what's the right balance between work, family, church and personal time? You're not alone.

One trend from the current economic downturn is that  we are working longer hours. Companies are hiring less, choosing to demand more from their current employees. And that often creates a crisis at home, with family time limited and self-development challenged.

The ever-thoughtful Tim Challis explores the complicated balance of fulfilling the number of hours required to earn a living and spending time with what you love.He makes some interesting points.

"This is not a new issue." Throughout history, people have worked long and hard hours to scrabble out a living. Since it was a contemporary issue for biblical authors, it could have been addressed. But it wasn't. Hard work and long hours were a part of life.

"Work won't be easy." Thanks to the Adamic curse, the weeds of life will impact our labors, frustrate our productity, and cause us to expend more effort at work.

"Beware of idolatry." There are many people who work long hours not out of necessity, but out of greed, to accumulate power, position and possessions. It's at the heart of all of us, and we must constantly guard against it.The full article can be found here.

So how many hours a week do you work? Do you feel guilty about the time you are spending? What's the right balance?Please, share with a friend if you feel moved.
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by David Rupert 

originally posted at Red Letter Believers

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