From Captive to Liberator

By GospelVideo

May 1st, 2012

Dear Treasured Friend,

On the day this photo was taken, my heart was filled with joy as I watched these beaming, beautiful women. It was clear that Treasures is doing something right.

What I witnessed on the day of the shoot was a reflection of the kind of healthy community that Treasures is facilitating.  It is no small thing for these women to step out and begin to not only trust again, but to celebrate one another.

In order to understand why this is so incredible, it is important to understand where many of the women have come from.

The sex industry is a world that breeds rivalry and jealousy between women.  If one woman is having a profitable night, the others will often sneer and gossip about what she must be doing with the clients. In a business where your body and your sexuality is the "product," insecurities run amuck and competition is fierce.

Throughout the Treasures photo shoot, women were celebrating each other, exchanging words of encouragement and even sharing their wardrobes.

For some, this was the first time they participated in a photo shoot since leaving the business.  To be a part of a photo shoot that did not seek to exploit their sexuality, but to display their unique inner beauty was a redeeming thing.  They were absolutely radiant.

Below is a powerful letter from Kate, one of the women who participated in the shoot.

"The day of the Treasures photo shoot will forever be another part of my healing journey. The last time I did a photo shoot was when I was in the industry 17 years ago. Because of my experiences in the past, I have been held captive to the memories and thoughts of being worthless and ugly. I've never allowed people to take my picture and if they did I would delete it if I could. I can't describe the pain I've carried all these years. I was afraid to go that day but decided to press in. The photo shoot with Treasures was transforming!

I could feel God's love for his daughters as we were all together. I could feel the unity between us-we had all been through so much but now there was this peace.

As I look at the pictures from that day it brings tears to my eyes as I see myself through His.  We really are his treasures."

Through Treasures, Kate is not only receiving support in her healing journey, but she has also been trained as one of our Strip Church leaders and is reaching women in the sex industry in her community!

Thank you for supporting women like Kate.

Please use the enclosed envelope to return your gift or you may also give online -


Harmony Dust


Your gift today will help us reach, restore, and equip women in the sex industry in order to help them live healthy, flourishing lives.

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