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Veronica Karaman Releases 'My Shot of Joy' -- A Miraculous Journey of Redeeming a Lost Mother/Daughter Relationship

By Dan Wooding, Founder of ASSIST News Service

Smaller Vernonica golferRALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA (ANS - April 5, 2016) -- Author, speaker, golf-professional and transformational life-coach, Veronica Karaman, in her latest book, My Shot of Joy: A Miraculous Journey of Redeeming a Lost Mother-Daughter Relationship, is healing family relationships across the country.

According to a news release, Veronica Karaman was fully focused on pursuing her own career when she got the news that her elderly mother had just six months to live due to a terminal heart condition. Although they'd never been emotionally close, Veronica chose a new mission -- a new kind of championship -- for her life, and that was to reach her 85-year-old mother's heart before she died. It seemed this mother/daughter duo had very little in common, until the day Veronica took her mother to the golf course and handed her an eight iron.

After taking a waggle*, Veronica's mom, Mildred, took a big backswing and hit her first shot -- almost 100 yards! That shot on a Pinehurst golf course (in North Carolina) became a "shot of joy" for both mother and daughter as it was both the birth of a new athlete at 88 -- and the beginning of a miraculous transformation of a mother-daughter friendship.

My Shot of Joy book coverWith a fresh spark for life, Mildred lived almost seven more years-starting a housecleaning business at 88, traveling to Canada for a "legacy vacation" the same year with her daughter, starting public speaking at 89, and entering her first golf tournament at 90.

Mildred was suddenly living life to the fullest, and blossoming-even while she was dying. And for Veronica, the intimate relationship with her mom that she'd craved her whole life, became a delightful reality as together they shared laughter and life out there on the golf course-and each day God gave them together.

The rebirth of Veronica and her mother's rekindled relationship rings true for thousands of women, who crave relationships with their parents that they've never had.

Four-time Olympian, Dr. Madeline Manning Mims says, "The reconciliation from death to life in a love relationship between a mother and her daughter is honestly and openly shared in My Shot of Joy. It shines a light on the amazing grace of God that reveals a plan to redeem a family relationship ravished by lines of broken communication. Only the wisdom of God would use the sport of golf to get the ball rolling towards wholeness from self-centeredness and alienation, preparing the heart to trust again. Veronica's story is a narration that builds hope in each of us toward mending broken relationships in our families."

Peggy Kirk Bell, Founder Member of the LGPA and Hall of Fame Member says, "Veronica's book has inspired me at the age of 94! Her story covers everything important in life: God, love, family, restoration/forgiveness, and golf. This book It is uplifting for all ages, not only to gain insight for repairing relationships, but it is a true testament to God's presence in our lives and how He shows his purposes and fulfills His promises. I wish everyone could read this book. I feel blessed to have been a small part of Veronica's and Mildred's journey and I am sure that their story will be a blessing to all who read it."

Suzanne Underwood Rhodes, author of A Welcome Shore, shared how she was deeply affected by Veronica's story in My Shot of Joy: "Veronica reminded me that it is the Holy Spirit who is the force behind reconciliation, and that through our willingness to love others sacrificially, we too can be healers in a broken world." Suzanne added, "This book is a compelling story of how Veronica, a professional athlete, laid her personal dreams aside in order to bring life to another-showing agape love. I'm grateful for Veronica's humor, passion, and at times breathtaking spiritual insights."

Veronica noted, "I am thrilled that God gave me the gift of those seven years with my mom. Inside every human heart is the need for reconciliation-and this book is a living testament as to how that can happen, no matter your age or condition. After years of emotional "nothingness" I craved a connection with my mom.

Veronica and Mildren Karaman"My dad had passed away when I was only 15, and I desperately wanted my mother to be my 'mom' and my friend. I am so grateful for the relational dynamics I learned which helped to open the heart my mother's heart to make a fresh connection. And now we've seen this 'relational strategy -- this 'shot of joy' -- create amazing transformation in many estranged relationships, and it is my prayer that God will continue use our story to be a spark that will heal other broken hearts."

Although Veronica already had has successful speaking and coaching career in both golf and through her powerful academic coaching program, "God's Way to an A," God has given Veronica the privilege of sharing her mother/daughter journey at churches, organizations, and women's ministries across the North America.

Speaking with passion, Veronica added, "I want people to know that it is completely possible to redeem a lost relationship. It is my prayer that My Shot of Joy will both open up your heart and direct your mind on how to reach your loved one's heart. The process of transformation and hope begins with each of us."

Veronica and Mildren Karaman in Novia ScotiaCelebrity fitness trainer, Holly Roser was moved by Veronica and her mother's journey, saying, "I ate the book up! My Shot of Joy inspired me to reach out and reconcile with my estranged mother who left when I was only 12 years old. It's a perfect gift for Mother's Day!" (Sunday, May 8, 2016).

My Shot of Joy is available on for $16.99.

For speaking engagements and workshops, you can contact Veronica atveronica@truechampioncoaching.com, or by phone at 757-407-1907.

* The waggle is a simple, yet extremely effective pre shot addition to your golf game that sets the mood, tempo and intent of the swing. A waggle will allow a golfer to be a consistent ball striker and shot maker.

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