God Has So Much More For You…

By GospelVideo

How much does God love us? He is an infinite God. That suggests that his love is infinite. It knows no end. It outfills any capacity. It outstretches any distance. It outlasts any rejection. It endures any resistance.

We are created in God's image. We have an eternal soul. You house a piece of God's infinity. That suggests that you have an infinite capacity to receive God's love.

So are you settling for what you have now?

Your mother always thought you could do everything just a little bit better than you were doing it. She was never fully satisfied with anything you did. God delights in what you do and is fully pleased with you.

Your father was always a little too busy with other things to make time for you. When you would see him give his time to other people, you would wonder why he didn't make time like that for you. You eventually concluded that you weren't really worth his time. Or anyone's. God is speaking to you all the time. He is with you while you sleep, when you rise, and when you lie back down again. He loves spending time with you, and only wishes you would allow him to spend more of his infinite love on you.

Whether you've known God for a few months or many years, the amount of his love that you know now still leaves out an infinite amount that he truly loves you. It's like the elementary math problem. If you subtract infinity from infinity, what will you have left? Infinity. It never runs out. Get it?

God once spoke to me in a very practical way to help me to understand how much more he wants me let him love me. I was reading a story of a husband who abused his wife; scorned her for being ugly; forced her to work for him day in and day out, even when she was sick; demanded that she give him all her most beloved possessions; and finally took a mistress and moved her into the same house with himself and his wife. Through all this the wife stayed with her husband faithfully through periods of horrible poverty and starvation and even the loss of two of their children.

While reading this story, suddenly God spoke to me and said that the way this wife sees her abusive husband is the way that I see God. I was confused and immediately told God, "No! I don't see you that way. I know that you love me!" Then God told me again that compared to how much he actually loves me, my understanding of his love is the same as the way the wife in the story thinks her husband loves her. That's how little I know of God's love.

Beloved, God has so much more for you. God gave you dreams in your heart so that they could be fulfilled! God wants healthy, loving relationships for you. God wants your identity to be secure in God, unable to be lost or injured by people around you. God wants to heal you and shine a light in your life that will overwhelm any darkness. God is very different from us. God is not ashamed, God is not guilty, God is not insecure. God loves you out of a pure heart, loving you not out of a need, only because it is his desire! God is not trying to take anything from you. God's biggest hurt is our rejection of his love. Go ahead and ask God, "What more do you have for me?" Have you already guessed the answer? Infinity.

Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:39

Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it. If a man tried to buy love with all his wealth, his offer would be utterly scorned.  Song of Solomon 8:7 [New Living Translation]

Love, Larissa

© 2013 I Am Treasure Ministry  


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