God Healed Me of Lyme Disease!

In 1998 I contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite while hiking in the mountains near my home. The symptoms were many and varied, and alarming in nature; severe arthritis and muscle aches, mind-numbing fatigue, tingling in my fingers and toes, occasional loss of peripheral vision, bells palsy symptoms, and trouble writing and spelling (almost like a temporary dyslexia).

When I tested positive for Lyme I was actually relieved to finally know what was wrong with me. But my relief was short lived when I found out that my chances of getting rid of Lyme disease completely were not good since it had gone undiagnosed for almost a year. My treatment involved antibiotics administered through an IV for 50 consecutive days, followed by oral antibiotics for another two weeks. When all was said and done, I was only a little better—and the treatment was all over! I still could not walk to the end of our driveway. I still could not hold my daughter. I still could not make beds, cook, vacuum, or socialize. I was still in chronic pain. It was a very discouraging time and I cried more than my share of tears. It seemed unthinkable to me that at 37 years old I could be permanently disabled by a "tick bite!” But by far my biggest battle wasn’t with this disease, it was with fear. Fear was an ever-present adversary whispering things like, "This is your new life; how do you like it? There is no hope for you! This illness will kill you eventually."

During those frightening months I cried out to God as never before! I spent many days sitting on my deck, Bible open on my lap, journal close by, seeking God’s wisdom and healing for my situation. At first my prayer-life resembled the terrified screams of a drowning woman. And if you’ve ever had lifeguard training, you know that it’s almost impossible to rescue a panicked drowning person. Their fear and panic will cause them to unwittingly resist your efforts. That was me the first few weeks of my illness. But thankfully the Lord drew near and calmed my anxious heart (many times through the prayers of those close to me). He helped me to trust His plan and to seek His will peacefully and calmly. And eventually the day came when God intervened in my situation in a big way.

I was sitting on my deck spending time with God like usual, when I found myself drawn to Psalm 29. This psalm starts off with praise to God and then progresses to tell what the voice of the Lord accomplishes. I especially noticed the seven descriptions in that psalm telling about the mighty acts of the voice of the Lord:

The voice of the Lord is over the waters

The voice of the Lord is powerful

The voice of the Lord is majestic

The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars

The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning

The voice of the Lord shakes the desert

The voice of the Lord twists the oaks and strips the forests bare. And in his temple all cry, Glory!

As I read Psalm 29 over and over my heart began to respond to it with faith. Many times I would hobble inside excitedly (not a pretty picture) to get my concordance and Bible dictionary to find out what a certain word or phrase meant. I was learning so much about God’s voice and my faith was being ignited in a new way. As the week passed I began to feel a sense of anticipation about what God was going to do in my life. Yet it’s important to note that simultaneously I was also experiencing a greater onslaught of satan's lies and torment. It was as if a battle was being waged over my head and my emotions were being pulled this way and that.

A week or so after beginning my study of Psalm 29 my church began a five-day conference to celebrate their 25th anniversary. My husband and I decided to attend, with the plan being that I would take it easy and not wear myself out. He dropped me at the door the first evening and I shuffled in wearing slippers (shoes were unthinkable agony) and settled in for the church service. It was a wonderful meeting and by the time the service was over I was feeling a bit better physically. Oddly enough, I lay awake that night until 2:00 a.m. (which was unheard of because of the horrendous fatigue I suffered). Yet instead of being exhausted the next morning, I woke up refreshed.

The second night I shuffled into church a bit quicker and even stood for a few minutes of the worship service. Again I lay awake until 2:00 a.m., but this time I had an electric feeling buzzing through my body. I woke up refreshed and with a growing excitement about what God was doing. That morning I continued to study Psalm 29 and the “voice of the Lord” during my quiet time.

The third night that we went to the conference I wore shoes. I didn’t shuffle and I stood through most of worship. That night I lay awake until exactly 2:00 a.m. with even more of that electric feeling coursing through my body.

By day four I was 80% better. I drove myself to church, walked in unassisted from the parking lot and stood for all of the worship service. After the meeting was over I asked the special speaker to pray for me to be healed from Lyme disease. He bowed his head and reached out his hand to place it on my shoulder—when all of sudden he pulled his hand back and looked me in the eye. He said, “Your healing is found in the ‘voice of the Lord.’” And with that he turned and walked away.

“The voice of the Lord?” Yes! That was what Psalm 29 had been speaking to me for over a week! My faith soared as I realized that God was doing something wonderful, amazing, powerful, and completely supernatural! He was healing me ... I could feel it!

By day five of our church conference I was completely healed. The morning service was great, and when it was over I decided to walk the half mile home! The sun was shining, the breeze was whistling through the trees, and I couldn’t stop smiling and praising God. Have you ever had something so wonderful happen in your life that it almost seemed like a dream? Well that’s how it was for me, and it brought to mind one of my favorite Psalms:

When the LORD brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, The LORD has done great things for them. The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. (Psalm 126:1-3)

Two days later my friend Janet and I went on a celebratory hike in the mountains near our home (yes, I wore long pants and put on tick repellent). Less than a week earlier I had been unable to walk to the end of my driveway. Just walking up a flight of stairs was extremely laborious and taxing. Yet here I was hiking several miles in perfect health. All Lyme disease symptoms were gone! Oh what glory and joy there is when God moves in our lives!

That healing happened many years ago and I’m still praising God for His goodness. I’ve had the opportunity to share my testimony at churches, and with many individuals in person, over the phone, and by email. I’m still regularly contacted by people who are suffering with Lyme disease and it is my great joy and honor to pray for them.

If you are afflicted with Lyme disease (or any other kind of sickness) I want to tell you that God is a healer. He did not heal me because I’m His favorite—but simply because He is determinedly good to His children. His Word says that if you seek Him, you will find Him. I encourage you to press into Jesus, press into His Word, and press into worship. Give Him your mustard seed of faith and just watch what He does with it!