God is Not a Pimp

By GospelVideo

"I made a lot of money at the club last night. God was really blessing me."

I have heard some really crazy things in my life.  But this one really gets to me every time I hear it.

Today I realized why it literally makes me want to cry...

This line of thinking makes God out to be some kind of pimp.

What kind of God would see to it that a "good night" in the life of His precious daughter is one in which she sells her body to a lot of men who aim to use her for their own sexual gratification?

That's not the God that I know.  But somehow, the women who say these things have come to an understanding that this is who He is.

If I am honest, I have served some "false gods" in my lifetime.  At one point, I thought that God's blessing in my life would look like Him enabling me to stay in an abusive relationship. "God, please help me make this relationship work", I pleaded.

And even when I truly surrendered my life to Jesus, in some ways, in my limited understanding of understanding of who He is, I was still serving a false version of Him. Having come from a cycle of abusive relationships where "love," meant to suffer for someone else's narcissistic desires, I thought that to serve God meant to suffer.
For example, in 2004, I piled 8 girls in a SUV and headed to Las Vegas for our first out of state strip club outreach.  We were going to reach women working in the sex industry in that city to let them know how precious they are to God and what a wonderful plan He has for their lives.  And we were going to SUFFER!

We went to 54 strip clubs in ONE night.  We only stopped to use the restroom one time because we were on a MISSION! At about 8am, with full bladders and our heads throbbing with dehydration headaches (because who has time to stop for food and water), we headed back to the seediest, cheapest hotel we could find.  We slept for 2 hours, piled onto air mattresses and floor pallets, before we checked out and headed back to LA in Memorial Day Weekend traffic.

Never mind the fact that one of our team members got pneumonia after the torture we put our bodies through.  By golly those women were reached!

The God that I thought I served was a taskmaster.  And that is probably a euphemism. I couldn't imagine a God who cared about my well-being.  In thinking I was serving a task-master God who only wanted to use me to get work done, I was serving a false version of God...a "false god" if you will.

So when I hear evidence of someone holding up an image of a false God in comments like, "God blessed me with a lot of money at the strip club last night" or, "God is tempting me with this or that", I have to stop and wonder, "What false versions of God have I believed in?"

A god of perfectionism?

A god of busyness?

A god of performance-based approval?

A god who forsakes?

I am on a journey to know Him better.  I understand that in my humanity, I will always hold a limited understanding of who He is.  But I am committed to dismantling the false gods I am tempted to serve and deepening my intimacy with the One True God. A God whose love for me is not based on my performance or my ability to get it right all the time.  A God who asks me to rest, because He knows that in doing so, I become more dependent on Him.  A God who is good.  Whose plans for me are good. A God who can be trusted.  A God who will never leave me.

How about you?

What false god's have you served?



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