God Reigns, even in Politics

By James.B

I have encountered many foolish words of more than a few, who say they expect men of God to be silent on politics, or even worse, who cannot find agreement on their words to the economy, science or to sports or music ...claiming they delve into areas in which they have no competence ... many even claim God's Prophets are embarrassing their faith and Christians.

First, we must accept that almost everything God says offends and irritates the "flesh" ... or the realm of the natural. The old time Pastor would say ... listen well to the chiming of the world, then understand that God intends the exact opposite. This can be confusing, especially to Christians who believe they know God ... only to be shocked when God speaks and they are unable to come to terms with the supremacy of the Divine.

In truth, God does not just reign over the Church, He reigns over all. He speaks into everything and all things He chooses to speak into. To one, He speaks to the young Samuel - a child of God, even through a backslidden Eli, concerning the affairs of His house. But like Elijah, to others He speaks to the economy, declaring famine or abundance of rain. He may choose to install kings and remove others as He wishes, like He spoke and did many times through the Prophet Samuel.
God knows who He speaks to ...it is His business to bring what He says to pass ...and if He chooses, it is also His pleasure to defer what He has elected. He may not speak to you in an area ... and then He may speak something else to another in any area He chooses.



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