God’s Healing Touch

Years ago the Lord gave me a poem that ministered greatly to my heart at that time. Several lines that have always stayed deep within and I have never forgotten them. Even today when I think about these few words I can see the hand of the Lord not only in my life but in the lives of countless others as they discover the love the Lord has for them.

“The past I had I can not change.

The past I have no more remains.

It brought me to the time and place.

It helped me see my Savior’s face.”

Each person has experienced unique events that shape their outlook in many areas of their life. Good memories from our childhood bring a smile to our face and sometimes even laughter as we relive those memories. Like the time, I was playing with the water hose and suddenly Daddy slipped up behind me, wrestled the water hose from my hands, and began squirting me. Sorrowful events also stay buried deep within, like the death of a beloved grandparent or aunt.

Looking back, I can see people the Lord used in my life to plant seeds of faith deep within my heart. Some of those seeds lay dormant for years and at just the right time the Lord would send someone else to water and supply food for a specific seed. That special Sunday school teacher, who took her time in her class to plant seeds of God’s love in her beloved girls. Then, there was Aunt Chettie, who on visits would quote Scriptures as she rubbed my back until I fell asleep. The list in all honesty could continue, but you get the picture.

A young man I ministered to years ago struggled with the turmoil of his life. He had been bounced between divorced parents and his grandmother for years. Verbal abuse from one parent and an alcoholic parent in the other had left many scars and wounds. I ministered that everything in his life the enemy had meant for harm but the Lord intended it for good. He just could not understand or believe that what he had endured could ever have brought something good into his life. Then one day, the reality sank in. Due to all the events in his life, he had moved 1,000 away to this small little farming community. It was here that he met his future wife. The Lord had used all the horrible events in his life to bring him to a place where he found love and acceptance for the first time.

That young man could have refused to believe that the Lord was with him as he was growing up. Nevertheless, as we talked, he could see how the Lord brought various people into his life. People who ministered and planted seeds in his heart, individuals who never knew what someone else had planted but helped in the process of this growing boy. It was at that time he realized the words of my poem were true for his life as well. He could not change his past, but it had brought him to the place where he could see the Lord and all His love for him.

It has also been through his experiences that he has ministered to kids who are suffering with horrific events in their own life. Many of the kids that come into his and his wife’s life are in situations at home that have lead to deep scarring in their life. Because he has lived through it, learned of the love of the Lord and seen God use it for good, he is able to give them hope.

Repeatedly, I have seen the Lord take what is so negative in a life, turn it around, and use it for good. Every event, no matter what the situation is, can be used for the glory of God. To us that is impossible, but to the Lord nothing is impossible. That same pattern is revealed through out Scripture. As we learn to walk through these events, forgive the offenders and allow healing in our hearts, the Lord will lead us to individuals that need that same healing touch.

Many of us have experienced hard things, sometimes even horrific events. Were they His desire for us? Absolutely not!!! But He will take for His glory. The question is: are we willing to look past our past and see what He can accomplish in others through our testimony? Prayerfully, the answer is YES! May our hearts cry today be: Lord, use me! I have seen Your hand in my past and my heart’s desire is that what the enemy meant to destroy me with, can be used for the glory of Your Kingdom!