Gospel-Centered Apologetics

By Tercius

So much can depend on the answer to a single question.

“Will you marry me?” “Did he get the job?” “Was I accepted into the program?” “Did she survive?” “Will you forgive me?”

Sometimes, everything comes together—or falls apart—in the shadow of a single question.

The Christian faith is that way.

In the case of Christianity, everything that matters depends on one single question: “What happened after Jesus died?” If Jesus returned to life after he died, there is every reason to entrust my entire existence to him. If Jesus is still dead, Christianity is the most far-fetched lie that anyone has ever believed.

In one sense, for those who accept this proclamation as true, Easter weekend is all about apologetics—the defense of the central claims of the gospel against other possibilities. This isn’t because the resurrection suddenly becomes more important in the spring; it’s because a significant number of people are suddenly more open to considering the historical foundations and implications of the resurrection of Jesus.

With that in mind, I’ve developed a brief introduction to what I call “gospel-centered apologetics.” If you’re interested, click on the link below and take a few minutes to listen to this presentation, from a recent Give Me An Answer Conference at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Listen to the presentation here.

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