Graduates: Can You Pass This Test?

By Tercius

You are about to graduate from high school. You've taken your share of tests and feel fairly well equipped to manage life. But there's another test coming right after you get your diploma. We'll see if you're prepared for this one.

Remember as a little kid when you dealt with naptime, bedtime and time out? Soon enough you were learning how to tell time. Eventually, school became all about getting things done on time.

Time is something that we all deal with. We can't buy it but we can use it. We can't borrow it or take it back. None of us can keep it, but each day we spend it.

We don't know about tomorrow's time, but here's a promise: you can never have back the time you have lost.

You're graduating because you wisely spent enough time to earn a diploma. Now you'll be dedicating more time to a career or college.

There's time to celebrate today, but tomorrow's time is waiting for you to decide how it will be used.

We don't often think about how important time is.

But consider that:

  • One millisecond can separate a silver medalist from a gold.
  • One second can spare you from a tragic accident.
  • One minute can mean missing the bus and the opportunity to be on time to a job interview.
  • One hour is all it takes to write thank you letters to those who've helped you.
  • One week spent wisely can make the difference in being prepared for an exam.
  • One month can show your new boss that you are an amazing attribute to their business.
  • One year spent on a wise plan can alter the course for your life.

As a graduate, you'll get some gifts-hopefully money in all those envelopes. But truly your biggest gift is the time you have ahead.

And even though it seems like you have plenty of time, you don't. If you remember anything from this little speech it's this: time IS a gift.

So here's your test: It's the test of time. How will you pass the test?

Your legacy will be based on how well you use your time. You already know people-some famous and some not, who've used their time well. It's now your turn. Your clock is ticking.

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