Greg Laurie Encourages Readers to Learn from Genius' Mistakes

By Boaz Wadel

Boredom seems to be an issue in our culture today. A kid with a smartphone will text his friends while he plays a game on his iPad, as he's watching television, and then declare that he is bored.

Boredom and depression are nothing new. A man who lived centuries ago wrote, "There is nothing new under the sun" (Ecclesiastes 1:9). This man was an architectural genius, masterminding the building of incredible structures. His name was Solomon.

You might say that Solomon tried it all. In fact, he was what you might describe as a hedonist extraordinaire. Solomon was highly educated, yet he would go on unbelievable drinking binges. He chased after women like there was no tomorrow. He committed himself to researching the roots of human behavior to discover why people did what they do. Meanwhile, as a king, he ignored the affairs of state. He neglected his family. He set aside all spiritual truths and principle, and whether it was passion, pleasure, philosophy, sex or money, he determined to find out everything he could about the topic. He was going to explore it from every side. He was going to personally do it.

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