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A few years ago, my friend came up with the term "ministry hangover" to describe what happened to us invariably after our annual Vegas outreach.

Each year, after an incredible weekend, reaching thousands of women in Vegas, spending time in an atmosphere of worship and miracles, we came home to, well, reality. Traffic jams, yelling kids, stuffy noses, the daily grind. Sometimes the contrast between a major "ministry high" and the reality of day-to-day life would leave us feeling low and empty. Did we just imagine that we could change the world together?

Last week was our 3rd Annual Dinner for a Treasure Fundraising Gala.  Not only did we raise over 37K (Thank you Jesus), we had the chance to equip over 200 people to partner with Treasures and become a voice in their sphere of influence!

AND, in what was surely the most powerful point of the night, the women of Treasures shared their "cardboard stories".  Their stories sent the audience to their feet in celebration and support!  Their support, in turn, encouraged the women.

The gala was a huge high for us. All of the hard work, planning, and passion and the bravery of the women who shared their stories, culminated into an incredible evening.  For most of us, now that it is over, it's back to the daily grind. This is when "ministry hangover" has a tendency to set in.

God is in the big stuff. He is in the moments when we declare His wonders and people shout with approval.

But He is also in the mundane. In the little things. In the sad things. In the quiet times. God is with us.

When we share our stories, we are essentially declaring and celebrating the work God did in the ordinary, obscure and painful moments in our lives. Nights like the gala simply reveal and display the work being done in ordinary days like today.

So we can rejoice in this ordinary day because we know God is working.  We know that He good and His plans for us are good.

The celebrations of tomorrow are a product of the work that God is doing today.

Love, Harmony

© 2013 I Am Treasure Ministry


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