I Stand - A Miraculous Journey from Paralysis to Praise

Our columnist Brenda Black releases her new book, I Stand, with recording artist Pam Morgan

I Stand - A Miraculous Journey from Paralysis to Praise by Pam Morgan and Brenda Black

“...As they neared the bridge, traffic slowed and surrendered to the emergency entourage. Suddenly a white van, flipped on its side, and a detached roofless utility trailer popped into view. At 3:58 they pulled beside the wreckage and jumped out. A state trooper pointed toward a bloody heap against the concrete barrier.

“Your fatality is over there on the bridge,” he directed.

The experienced paramedic didn’t doubt the trooper’s words as he neared the body. Obviously thrown from the vehicle at high speed, this woman most likely died on impact. He quickly brushed the bystanders aside and knelt down beside her. In all his years of service, he never saw anyone survive injuries as severe as these, but touching the woman’s shoulder, he was taken by surprise.

“Please God, help me...,” she gasped.

Thus begins the newly released true story I Stand - A Miraculous Journey from Paralysis to Praise, co-authored by popular columnist Brenda Black and gospel recording artist and walking miracle, Pam Morgan.

While Brenda plays the role of editor and collaborator on this particular project, she brings to the book more than 20 years of writing experience with over 1,000 published works. Black's original ideas are central to her countless presentations to women's groups, and devotional, feature and news articles which appear in area newspapers as well as regional magazines like The Midwest Cattleman, Missouri Beef Cattleman and The Missouri Ruralist. She is a featured writer on Crossmap.com., a Christian speaker, member of the Heart of America Christian Writer's Network and a two-time award winner in the HACWN devotional writer's contest.

“I consider it a high privilege to witness the remarkable work of God in Pam's life and to work alongside her in recounting her astounding recovery following a near-fatal car accident,” says Black. “As the co-author of this heart-searing, triumphant story, I know readers will stand amazed as well for the miracle that brought Pam back from broken and ruined at the side of the road to abundant living!”

Pam astonishingly regained control of her lifeless limbs and returned to the stage, drawing widespread media attention to her miraculous story. She inspired television audiences on Oprah, Montel, The 700 Club, Only a Miracle, and numerous others and has been featured in newspapers and magazines across the country. Such a special story mandates an equally stunning book. The finished product is a 256 page hardcover book with a 16 page full color photo section. Many have enjoyed reading the first chapter posted online and express enthusiastic demands to see chapters 2 thru 31!

“This book took seven years to complete,” says Black. “It was a labor of love to painfully and honestly re-live the horrors Pam endured. I did my best to allow her voice to ring true, helping Pam write the book in a conversational, uncluttered manner that helps the reader hear her heart.”

In addition to I Stand, Black is working on publishing a series of books featuring topical collections from her columns. The first is scheduled for release fall 2009 titled Were You Born in a Barn! Life Lessons from the Barnlot and Beyond. A children's story book, Cowboy Pete, is also in the works and will go to print when illustrations are complete.

Brenda is married to Alan Black, pastor of Ohio Christian Church. They have two sons, Austin and Cooper, and recently relocated to rural Deepwater, Mo, to serve their congregation.

To purchase a copy of the new release I Stand, visit Brenda at www.thewordsout-brendablack.com. Introductory specials are now available. Both authors are available for speaking engagements or book signings together or individually.