Interview With Jill Duggar Prior To The Publishing Of The Duggar Girls' Book, "Growing Up Duggar"

By James Lam

Set to release on March 4th, Growing Up Duggar is now available for preorder on several online bookshops. The Duggar girls have been hard at work writing their first book . Many are curious in the children's feelings of being raised in such a super-sized family and would love to hear more directly from them.

In their book, the four oldest Duggar girls give readers an inside look at what it's like to be a Duggar kid, as they talk about their own faith and perspectives on life. As they look at the different relationships in their lives, the girls share how they resolve conflict, their dreams and plans for the future, details on courtship vs. dating, and much more.  

Jill Duggar has chatted with Ellie, a blogger blogging updates of the Duggar's family in June to speak on their earlier ideas behind the book:

Ellie: Whose idea was it to write the book?

Jill: "My dad has always brought up the idea--'Hey, y'all should write a book.' So as far as the original idea, I think it was a mutual agreement between us girls and my parents as far as what we wanted to express."

 Ellie: How is it coming along? Have you set a release date?

Jill: "We are still in the rough phases of the book, going between our friend/ghost writer in Georgia and trying to get this thing on a roll. I think we are running on "Duggar time" though and have a feeling our summer date will be pushed back a little....Hopefully it will be out sometime this year." 

Ellie: Who is your target audience?

Jill:  "Girls--that's our main target audience, since we're girls....I think there will be a variety of readers, but our show is watched mainly by women, so probably it will be moms buying it for their daughters."

Ellie: When did you start working on the book?

Jill: "Just this year, so we're still at the very rough stages of it, as far as getting our content together."

Ellie: What will it be about?

Jill: "Helpful ideas from our girls' perspective...things that we've learned, principles that we are learning currently, that we hope will help other girls."

According to Jill, her and her sisters' utmost goal is to "minister to other girls" and to help them "better their relationship with the Lord, and if they don't have a relationship, that it will bring that context into the picture of what that looks like."

"There are questions that every girl faces and challenges throughout life," continues Jill. "And hopefully we can share the same faith that my parents have been able to live out in their lives, be Christ-honoring, and be somewhat of an example to younger girls."

"[The book] also brings into perspective relationships and what that entails, as far as your friendships outside your family, then your siblings, your parents...and then you have your relationship with God, and of course, guys."

Jill and her sisters do not claim to have it all figured out, but they hope to encourage others by sharing what they have learned over the years.

Ellie: Do you have a title in mind for the book?

Jill: "We had thought about [Growing Up Duggar]. We are still trying to decide as far as what we actually want it to be, so it's not totally set in stone."

Ellie: Writing a book is a huge undertaking. How do you find the time to work on it?

Jill: "Yeah, it takes a lot of time, and that's what we're finding, it's very hard to find that time. It does make it a little bit easier that there are four of us working on it. Challenging in the way that we all have our own say, like 'Oh I think it should go this way, and I think we need to add this our take this out.' But the beauty of it is that we have all four of us working on it together, plus my parents. Since they have already written two books, they can add their wisdom in there, too."

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