James F. McGrath: Young-Earth Creationists Substitute Words of Men in Place of the Word of God

By Amy

Time and time again I have heard young-earth creationists say that one has to choose between what humans say about the origins of the cosmos and of human beings on the one hand, and the Word of God on the other.

From a Christian perspective, this is exactly right. And young-earth creationists have chosen the former and rejected the latter.

They insist on one particular and relatively recent human interpretation of some human-authored texts from ancient times, and what those texts say about God and creation. And on that basis, they reject the evidence from creation itself - that which, according to those very texts which they claim to follow, the Word of God brought into existence. They choose ancient human writings over the testimony of God's own handiwork.

Even if one accepted the young-earth creationist claim that the Bible as a collection of texts is the Word of God, they would still be guilty of choosing the words of men instead of it. Time and again, when the evidence of the Bible is at odds with their stance, they reject what all the textual and linguistic evidence indicates - i.e. what that which they call the Word of God actually says - and substitute meanings imposed on it by people who have no linguistic basis for their claims, but only the guidance of their owned deeply flawed human assumptions and perspective.

And they do not even accept what those writings actually say, even without getting into details about Hebrew words. In many places the writings in the Bible assert not only that God's Word is responsible for creation, but that the heavens and the created order testify faithfully about God. And they reject that testimony. Of course, they claim that they do not. But that is mere self-justification on their part, and not the truth.

And so whichever way you look at it, young-earth creationists reject the Word of God and substitute the words of men. And they add to this the additional sin of hypocrisy, when they accuse others of doing what they themselves do.

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