Jesus Hugging Indian Man Mr. Ulahannan Tight When Train Running Over Him

By Vineworker

This is Mr. Ulahannan and his wife Mary. They were just nominal christians in the Catholic Church in India. They have three daughters and all are married and live in different homes.

Though they are catholic church members, they lived as worldly people. Whatever functions they held at home as marriage, engagement, baptism of children, house warming etc. alcohol was a must.

They hate the people who are coming for evangelisation and speaking about Jesus Christ. One day a pastor with few believers of Paul Ciniraj Ministries (  visited them and gave them christian tracts. Mr. Ulahannan became angry, took the match box and burned the tracts in front of them and asked them to get out of his house.

Painting and polishing houses was Ulahannan's job. One day evening he came back after his job, he happened to go nearby a Gospel convention ground. He spit at the convention ground and went a head.

Suddenly he heard the Word of God from the convention speaker that still Jesus praying for all of us sinners, who are crucifying Him with our sins: Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. So confess, confess yourself before the Lord. 

That words striked him. Then he wait few more minutes and listened what the gospel preacher preached.

That night he couldn't sleep well. He was having some feelings and bad dreams that something worse going to be happened in his life. He tried to pray. But he didn't know how to pray. So he just called Jesus by name and repeated: "JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, SAVE ME JESUS".

Next day when he was going for his job, he had to cross the railway line. Just then as he was walking on the railway platform, the train forced him down to the railway line and he fell on the tracks and people saw the train running over him, as the train passed by.

People were in great terror.  But after train passed, he got up with such great strength and jumped on the platform, not even a single scratch on his body. He told with great tears that at that moment when train ran over him he screamed unto JESUS.

And just then he felt like a baby being held carefully. He felt someone hugging him tight, felt  soft as cushion  around him and he disappeared as the train left.  I know it is Jesus saved me. He said.

Ulahannan and Mary had no Bible. Paul Ciniraj Ministries provided them Bible. Now they read Bible, praying regularly and removed all alcoholics items from their life. And also involving with Paul Ciniraj Ministries to distribute gospel tracts and Bibles..