Keep it Simple

By James.B


I have a tendency to complicate ... everything.

If the car manufacturer says 3,000 miles for oil changes, I'm calculating the affect of extending the recommendation. If someone comes to me with a problem, I'm probing the past and the future, looking for answers. If the recipe calls for certain ingredients, I'm second guessing and pondering substitutions. "Can molasses be replaced with corn syrup?"

I do that with my interactions with people. I over explain, bringing up depths and angles of issues to insure understanding. Often, it just complicates the uncomplicated.

When life is whirring by and information barraging my sensibilities, perhaps I should take a clue from the Master.


Jesus kept it simple - real simple.

He steered clear of religious talk and jargon. He spoke simply and plainly. He found the sinners where they lived and then communicated with them in language they could understand.

He told the woman at the well that the gospel was like water. He told the fisherman to go make converts, just like fishing. He spoke to farmers about figs and wheat and tares. He spoke to merchants about lost treasures and pearls of great price. He spoke to the military man about spiritual enemies. He spoke to common working men about storing up treasures in heaven. He spoke to children about a Heavenly Father.

Jesus found a way to reach every population group, every demographic, every profession with simple truth that was tailored to their needs.

Even Jesus' most ardent critics "were amazed at his words."

May my words and deeds be simple.


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by David Rupert

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